5 Marla House Construction in Pakistan: Costing and Important Details

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Building a 5 Marla House requires proper planning. Though many gated communities are offering developed houses with a lot of amenities, they are not tailor-made. Despite this, people prefer to build a home according to their preferences and convenience.

In Pakistan, 5 Marla plots and houses are high in demand as they are affordable and suitable for families. Instead of buying an already constructed home, building it on your own is a good option. With proper budgeting and planning, you can save a significant amount and build a home of your choice.

5 Marla Covered Area

The total covered area of 5 Marla house double-storey is 1,925 sq. ft. Hence, the covered area for the first and second floors is 875 per sq. ft. each. The 5 Marla house plan includes three bedrooms, a TV lounge, 3 attached bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and mumty.

Steps Included in 5 Marla House Construction

If you are planning 5 Marla house construction in Pakistan, you must be aware of current market dynamics, material costs, labor rate, and all other necessary steps. 5 Marla home construction is consists of 2 parts i.e. grey structure and finishing. You need to pay attention to every little thing during construction.

Let’s discuss everything in detail including the necessary steps and 5 Marla house construction costs in Pakistan.

Plot Demarcation

Plot demarcation refers to the fixing boundaries of your plot before construction. The surveyors of the society mark the four corners of the plot and issues a demarcation certificate. In this process, you will get to know that where your plot is lying. According to their criteria, the team marks the point from certain feet away from the road. After the first point is marked, the other 4 points corners are marked accordingly. These points are marked with steel rods.

Excavation & Layout

Plot excavation is a starting point when building the foundation of your home. The whole structure of the home is built upon it. You must have working drawings to start the excavation and layout process. Maybe, some parts of the plots will not be excavated. Also, the depth and dimensions of the excavation vary from 3 feet to 5 feet, mentioned in the working drawing issued by your architecture. The excavators dig the approved parts of the ground. The bottom layer must be compacted and there must not be any soft place. 5 Marla house excavation usually takes 3 to 4 days.

Underground Termite Proofing

After the completion of the excavation, the next important step before starting the construction is anti-termite treatment. If left unchecked, the termites can cause significant damage to your home’s foundation. That is why underground termite proofing is essential. This is done after the excavation process is completed. Many companies are offering termite spray services at multiple rates. The approximate anti-termite treatment cost in Pakistan for 5 Marla houses is around 25,000 PKR. 

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Base Filling

Base filling of the plot is essential with suitable and high-quality sand. This plays a vital role in making your home base or foundation. Because of this, you need to choose the right river sand. In Pakistan, special river sand is used for plot base filling that is called ghassu. Ghassu is a 70% sand and 30% clay mixture that is important for all construction projects.

Ravi sand is the most effective because of its aggregate material however you can also use Chenab sand or coastal beach sand. For the filling, you should only use Kassu and do not use soil. This is because Kassu or sand compacts very well. Soil is not appropriate for filling that can damage the house foundation or walls in the future. You need almost 3300 Cubic Feet Kassu for 5 Marla house filling. However, the estimated cost of Kassu in Pakistan is 60,000 PKR for 5 Marla plots.

Foundation Construction

After the completion of base filling, the foundation work starts. This is an important phase during your home construction. Hence, the labor starts working on the foundation with blocks and bricks. Usually, the bricks are used for foundation construction however in some parts of Pakistan, blocks are also used.

Using the red clay bricks is a good choice as they come with great strength. However, Fly Ash Bricks are among the new types of bricks that are made using new concrete techniques. These bricks are high in demand in many areas of Pakistan especially Punjab. The bricks are used to make house foundation till the DPC level where all the parts of the houses are marked. Your whole house structure is based on the foundation thus it provides stability to a home.

Grey Structure Construction

The grey structure of a house is constructed by using bricks, cement, sand, bajri, safety grills, kassu, and other materials. Though, you need basic construction items to make a grey structure. Wiring, sanitary work, plumbing, and main gate are also included in a grey structure. This is an important and main phase of house construction that requires proper planning and attention to every single detail. In a grey structure, the following steps are included:

  • Brick walls construction as mentioned in the drawing
  • A complete roofing system
  • Concrete/Cement wall plaster
  • Window Shades
  • All Water Tanks
  • Boundary Wall
  • Complete underground electrification (except lights & switches)
  • Complete sewerage system installation
  • Safety Grills
  • Main Gate

RCC Lintel

RCC slab casting of 5 Marla houses is the main step during the construction. The lintel makes the overall structure of the house strong. The width of the lintel is the same as the walls’ width. Hence, there are many types of lintels such as timber, stone lintel, brick lintel, and steel lintel. Timber lintels are not very durable and are used in hilly areas. Stone lintel is also not reliable because of its weak tensile nature.

Bricks lintel is also fine but the Steel Lintel is highly recommended as it is strong, durable, and advanced. In the current time, steel lintel is most commonly used as it fulfills all the safety standards of a roofing system. Before lintel, the shuttering work is done. Shuttering is of two types, i.e. wooden and steel. Hence, steel shuttering is recommended because of its strength and reliability.

For 5 Marla RCC lintel, you need high-quality steel bars (Grade 60 or Grade 40 steel bars). The quantity of steel you require ranges from 1300 kg to 1400 kg. Moreover, you need 80 to 50 cement bags, 1 trolley of Coarse sand, 400 to 425 Cubic Feet crush, and 10 kg binding wire. Of course, you need extra labor and machinery for lintel that includes a mixer machine, lift, and more. The 5 Marla house lintel cost estimate is 3 Lac to 4 Lac including labor cost and material.

Wiring & Plumbing Work

The plumbing work includes the underground installation of a sewerage system, water connections, pipelines, and more. This should be done according to new plumbing standards to avoid any technical issues in the future. For house plumbing, the rough estimate is 120,000 PKR. In this phase, all the sanitary work is done on bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, and other parts.

The gas pipelines installation and connections are also included in the plumbing work. The underground plumbing and wiring are completed before the plaster. The conduit of gas and water pipes is made in a ¾ to 2 diameter range. However, for the sewerage system, a 2” to 6” diameter range is appropriate.

Concrete Plaster

For the exterior grey finishing, plaster is the most important phase. This is done with cement that covers the brick walls and gives them a smooth and plain look. Cement plaster made of sand, Portland cement, and water is used to give masonry exteriors and interiors a high-end finishing. Not only the plaster gives the structure a more polished appearance but also protects the surfaces.

All the parts of your home are plastered, including ceiling plaster, internal walls plaster, external walls, boundary wall plaster, etc. Usually, the single plaster coat is enough however the thickness of the layer should not be less them 12mm to 15mm. Maximum 100 to 105 bags are used to plaster a 5 Marla house in Pakistan. Hence, you require 550 cubic feet of cement that must be thick.

The 5 Marla home plaster cost in Pakistan ranges from 80,000 to 90,000 based on the current material rates. This excludes the labor cost. The plaster makes the surfaces more strong and durable. However, you should keep on checking with the balancing scale that the plater layer is equal and perfectly balanced otherwise this can cause a problem during the finishing process or paint.


After the completion of the grey structure, here comes the finishing task. This includes the decoration and finishing of your house according to your preferences. There are so many choices available to make your home incredible. Hence, the finishing cost of 5 Marla houses is based on the material selection, quality, and many other aspects. The expensive, as well as standard finishing options, are available. The choice is solely based on your budget and taste. The finishing work includes painting, tiling, ceiling, wooden work, grills, and much more.

5 Marla House Construction Cost Estimate

5 Marla House Grey Structure

For building up a grey structure of 5 Marla houses in any part of Pakistan, you must be familiar with basic information. This includes the knowledge of the material, cost, steps, and other aspects. The 5 Marla house cost construction estimate allows you to arrange your budget more efficiently. Here, we are going to discuss everything you need to know for 5 Marla house construction including the material, its quantity, quality, and cost. All the prices are estimated and can vary according to the city and area. So, let’s start!

5 Marla Grey Structure Construction Cost & Material


bricks types

Bricks are used everywhere to build up the structure of homes and buildings. They possess immense durability thus make energy-efficient and strong houses. When constructing your 5 Marla house, knowing the current bricks rates in Pakistan is important. You should also know that how many bricks are used to make 5 Marla houses.

You should choose the bricks carefully as they make the integral structure of your home. The First-class bricks or Awwal bricks must be used. Never use third-class bricks as they are of low quality and do not provide the needed durability. The size of red brick in Pakistan is 9 Inches long, 4 inches wide, and 5 inches in height.

Brick Cost & Quantity

The current rate per brick is 12 Rupees however you require around 53,000 bricks for the construction of 5 Marla houses. According to this rate and quantity, the total cost of bricks is 636,000 PKR. Remember this is only an estimated cost and the rates can vary according to the area.

Brick Types  Price Per Brick 
A+ Grade Bricks (Awwal) 14 PKR
A Grade Bricks  (Awal) 13 PKR
B Grade Bricks (Doem) 12 PKR
C Grade Bricks (Khangar) 11 PKR
Bricks Tiles 13.5 PKR

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Cement is one of the most important binding materials during construction. Hence, it is used for masonry work, plastering, making joints, floors concrete, roofs, lintels, pillars, and almost all the phases. You must choose high-quality cement to provide immense strength to masonry, high-end plastering, and moisture resisting.

Cement types for house construction

Cement Cost & Quantity

Many companies offer cement however the rates are almost similar with a slight difference. You require almost 600 cement bags for building a 5 Marla home. Hence, the per bag rate starts from 585 PKR per page. According to this, the total cost of cement used in 5 Marla house grey structure construction is 338,625 PKR. This cost varies according to the current cement rate, its type, company, and quality.

Cement types/Companies in Pakistan Price Per Page
DG Cement 745 – 750 PKR
Lucky Cement 735 – 740 PKR
Maple Leaf Cement 760 – 765 PKR
Bestway Cement 745 – 750 PKR
Fauji Cement 740-745 PKR
Kohat Cement 735-740 PKR
Attock Cement 740-745 PKR
Pakcem 745 – 750 PKR
Askari Cement 740 – 745 PKR
Pioneer 745 – 750 PKR
Flying Cement 730 – 735 PKR


Sand is also among the vital construction materials when building your home. During the construction, sand is used in many phases including foundation construction, concrete, plaster, lime mortar, and more. However, well-graded sand plays a vital role in increasing mortar volume. Choose the sand that is free of chemicals, grains should be sharp and should not contain clay particles. Usually, the sand is taken from coastal beaches or river beds. The most common and reliable sands are Ravi sand and Chenab sand.

Sand types for house construction

Sand Cost & Quantity

While making 5 Marla house grey structures, you need almost 3,150 Cubic Feet Ravi sand. However, the rate of Ravi sand per cubic meter is PKR 27. The total cost of sand according to this rate is 85,050 PKR.

700 cubic feet Chenab sand is also required. This sand is excellent in terms of quality and strength. Chenab sand rate per cubic meter is 40 PKR however, the total cost of Chenab sand is 28,000 PKR for 5 Marla homes.

Sand  Rate (Per Cubic Feet)
Ravi Sand 27 PKR
Chenab Sand 40 PKR
Ghazi Sand 72 PKR
Sand-Lawrencepur 70 PKR

Crush (Bajri)

Crush is crucial for PCC (Plain Cement Concrete) and RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete). However, the crush is used both for the base of the house as well as for the roof. To make crush, the stones or gravels are crushed into multiple sizes. In Pakistan, the Mrgalla Crush and Sargodha crush are widely used as they are more reliable. Margalla crush is used for lintel and Sargodha crush is used for flooring.

Crush Cost & Quantity: For 5 Marla house construction, you need approximately 900 Cubic Feet to crush. Hence, the Margalla crush rate in Pakistan per cubic feet is around 98 PKR. According to this, the total crush cost is 88,200 PKR. For flooring, 600 cubic meter Sargodha crush is required. The rate of Sargodha crush per cubic meter is PKR 88 however the total cost is PKR 52,800.

crush for house construction


Kassu is a mixture of sand and clay that is taken from river beds or coastal beaches. This is used for the back-filling of the plot foundation to the level of the first floor. Kassu makes your home foundation strong as it is free of any chemicals, dirt, and straw. Hence, it is used after the brickwork of the foundation completes. During the Kassu filling, it needs to be compacted well layer by layer to give it more strength.

Kassu Cost: The total cost of Kassu for 5 Marla homes is almost 60,000 PKR.


While constructing a 5 Marla house, steel is needed at various stages. The steel comes with great strength and durability. Nowadays, steel lintels are considered the most reliable and sustainable. For 5 Marla house construction, steel is used in many parts including columns, water tanks, slabs, lintel, beams, Roof slabs. It is highly recommended to Grade 60 or Grade 40 steel bars. Do not use down gauge steel as its performance is zero.

Steel Cost & Quantity: For 5 Marla house construction, you need almost 3 Ton steel. The rate of 60-grade steel bars is 190 PKR per kg. The total cost of steel will be 570,000 PKR. 

Choughat Steel

Installing the door frames is also part of grey structure construction. However, you need choughat steel. The steel choughats or door frames are made of durable steel sheets and are available in many types including 14 gauge, 16 gauge, and 18 gauge. The most reliable steel door frames are 14 gauge and 16 gauge. Choughat steel is installed while making the structure of the house. For 4 to 4.5 inches walls, the size of the choughat must be 5 inches wide.

Steel Choughat Cost & Quantity: For 5 Marla homes, you need 16 choughats, approximately. The estimated cost of steel choughats is around 72,000 PKR.

steel frames for doors


When estimating 5 Marla house construction costs, never ignore the safety grills for the main gate and windows. Like choughat, these grills are also made of steel and comes in different types including 14 gauge, 16 gauge, and 18 gauge.

Grills Cost: The estimated cost of grills for 5 Marla houses is PKR 79,000.

window grill designs

Main Gate

You also need the main gate as it is a part of a grey structure. The cost of the gate depends on its design and gauge. 16 and 18 gauge gates are highly recommended as they are more durable and strong. However, 20 and 22 gauge options are also available but they are not much reliable.

Main Gate Cost: For 16 and 18 gauge main gates, the estimated cost is around 85,000 PKR. The price may vary because of the gate design.


The plumbing and sanitary work are important when building a grey structure of 5 Marla’s home. This includes the system installation of water, drainage, sewerage, gas supply, and everything. During this phase, you need to be careful all the work is done underground and requires technical expertise. The working drawings have all the details regarding the sanitary work and connections.

Both the gas and water conduits are made of pipes in diameter of ¾ to 2” however the sewerage system of pipes is made in diameter of 2” to 6”. Nowadays, GI conduits are more durable and reliable both for gas and water pipes. For drainage and sewerage pipelines, uPVC pipes are suitable.

Plumbing or Sanitary Cost: The cost of plumbing in 5 Marla house is 150,000PKR approximately. This includes all the material including underground pipes, pipe lengths, elbows, bends, socket, end cap, overlock socket, and more.

Electric Wiring

Underground electric wiring is a crucial aspect when constructing your home. This requires proper planning and professional expertise. You need PVC pipes, electrical conduit, switchboard boxes, PVC bend, junction box, PVC tape, and more for electric wiring. Make sure to leave space for the MCB box by measuring the appropriate size.

Total Electricity Wiring Cost

The 5 Marla electric wiring cost estimate is around 75,000 PKRincluding all the material and labor. You are advised to hire professionals for the electric wiring of your home to avoid any issues in the future.

Other Costs

Apart from the main cost and material, there are many other aspects to consider during the 5 Marla house construction cost estimate and planning. The most notable one is the cost and construction water storage tank. To make this tank, concrete walls are made by using cement. 5 Marla house water tank cost is around 16,000 PKR.

Other miscellaneous costs include the termite spray cost to make the foundation of your home safe and strong. The termite spray rate for 5 Marla homes is 25,000 approximately. Moreover, you need a polythene sheet, almost 1278 sq. ft. for waterproofing the roof, and DPC. 5 Marla house waterproofing cost is around 82,000 PKR.

Labor Cost

While planning 5 Marla house construction, never forget to add labor costs. Again, the labor cost is different in different areas of Pakistan. According to a general estimate, the laborer charges almost 390 per sq. ft. For double storey 5 Marla house construction, the labor cost will be almost 810, 000 PKR.

Total Grey Structure Cost of 5 Marla House Double-Storey

The total 5 Marla construction cost of A-category is 3,058,075 PKR, approximately. 

Material  Rate (PKR) Quantity  Total Cost (PKR)
Bricks 13 53,000 689,000
Cement 745 600 447,000
Ravi Sand 27/c.ft. 3,150 c.ft. 85,050
Chenab Sand 40/c.ft. 700 c.ft. 28,000
Margalla Crush 98/c.ft. 900 c.ft. 88,200
Sargodha Crush 88/c.ft. 600 c.ft. 52,800
Kassu 60,000
Steel 190/kg 3 Ton 570,000
Choughat Steel 16 72,000
Grills 220/sq.ft. 79,000
Main Gate 900/sq.ft. 85,000
Plumbing 150,000
Electric Wiring 75,000
Water Tank 16,000
Water Proofing 82,000
Termite Spray 25,000
Labor Cost 810, 000
Total Cost 3,414,050


After completing the grey structure, the next step is finishing. As already discussed, the finishing of your home fully depends on your preferences and choice. This is the final phase that gives your home a complete look. However, the finishing includes floor tiling, paint, ceiling, woodwork, stair railing, and more. So let’s discuss the 5 Marla house finishing cost and material in detail!

5 Marla House Finishing Cost & Material

Flooring Tiles

The floor is an integral part of your home. When finishing your home, the first step must be tile flooring. Along with tiles, there are also many flowing types in Pakistan including laminate flooring, porcelain tiles flooring, granite flooring, hardwood flooring, and more. However, the ceramic tiles flooring option is considered the most reliable and affordable. Here, the tiles are considered to estimate the finishing cost as they are more commonly used.

You need tiles for rooms, bathrooms, TV lounge, kitchen, terrace, and garage. You also need stair marble and kitchen shelve marble.

Flooring Tiles Cost & Quantity: For a 5 Marla house, you need almost 270 tiles for a double-storey including all the parts. The dimensions of the tile differ at each part of the house. You require 17×17 tile type for the terrace, 9×26 for bathroom tiles, 17×17 for terrace, and 2×2 for rooms and TV lounge. Hence, the total cost of the tiles is 384,500 PKR.

The marble requires for stairs cost 115,000 PKR approximately. The kitchen shelf costs 30,000. Moreover, you need 35,000 for filling, cement, and tile bands. The labor cost for 5 Marla house tile flooring is around 150,000 PKR. Hence, the total flooring cost of 5 Marla homes is 714,500PKR including kitchen shelve.


Paint and ceiling are other important phases while giving the final look to your home. The wallpaper and PVC sheets are also used for walls however they are costly. Paint is the most reliable and affordable way to give a polished and finished look to your home. You need to paint the interior as well as the exterior of your home. There are many paint companies hence you need to choose the reliable one. However, you can choose the paint colors from light to dark as per your choice. In a newly constructed home, the base of the paint must be done carefully.

Paint Cost: Painting your 5 Marla house interior costs around 3, 00,000 PKR. For the exterior, the rock wall is considered the most ideal option. For this, the base wall must be plastered well by using white sand or acrylic. The total cost of an exterior rock wall is almost 30,000 PKR. The total paint and ceiling cost of a 5 Marla home is 330,000 PKR including material and labor.

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Roof Ceiling

The roof is also a crucial part that requires the right attention while finishing a house. Nowadays, aesthetically pleasing roof ceiling designs are making houses more beautiful and elegant. Instead of traditional roofing, the ceiling is an innovative option. The fan and lights are fixed within the ceiling however various ceiling designs, types, and qualities are available.

Roof Ceiling Cost: The ceiling cost is 107,250 PKR for an area of 2,125 area 5 Marla double storey.

Wooden Work

Wooden work is another step to make your home complete. This is an essential part of your home finishing. The woodwork includes wardrobes, doors, kitchen cabinets, LCD rack, and door handles. There are several designs you can choose for wooden work. You can buy these things from the market ready-made however it is recommended to buy wood and hire a carpenter to make designs of your choice. This ensures genuine and durable woodwork for your home.

You need doors for rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and other parts. However, the entrance gate in the TV lounge should be semi-solid wooden. For other frames, Malaysian plywood doors are suitable. For wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, UV ply boards or formic sheets are required.

Wooden Work Cost: The wooden doors for 5 Marla homes will cost around 140,000 PKR. For kitchen woodwork, the total cost estimate is 150,000 PKR. Moreover, 150,000 PKR total cost is required for wardrobes. The fittings, door handles, locks, and other parts cost 26,000 PKR. To create an LED rack or anything, a budget of 50,000 PKR is required. Hence, the total cost of all the woodwork of 5 Marla houses is around 516,000 PKR.

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen finishing is a vital aspect when giving your home a final look. There are several things available to make these parts beautiful. You need to pay attention to every aspect while choosing the accessories for the kitchen. The standard plan of 5 Marla homes includes 2 kitchens, one on the first floor and the other on the second floor. However, you should choose the fixtures accordingly. You require two kitchen hoods, kitchen sinks, and taps.

Kitchen Accessories Cost: The cost of one kitchen hood is 38,000 PKR approximately. For tow hoods, the total cost will be 76,000 PKR. Moreover, the two sinks along with taps will cost around 20,000 PKR. The total cost for kitchen fixtures is 96,000 PKR.

Bathroom Accessories

For bathroom fixtures, you also need a specific budget. Your 5 Marla home includes 3 attached bathrooms however you need to buy the accessories accordingly. This includes bath sets, commodes, vanity sets, bath hangings, and plumber costs.

Bathroom Accessories Cost: For 3 bathrooms, you need 3 bathroom sets. Each set costs around 20,000 PKR hence the total cost is 60,000 PKR. The bath hanging costs 5,000 individually however the three hangings cost 15,000 PKR. Similarly, you need a budget of 45,000 for commodes as one commode costs 15,000 PKR.

One vanity set costs around 9,000 however the three will cost 27,000 PKR. You need to hire an expert and professional plumber for plumbing work and fixing the components as it is the most technical job. However, the plumber cost is 20,000 approximately that can vary according to your area. The total cost of bathroom fixtures of 5 Marla homes is around 167,000 PKR.

Electrical Components

Electricity components include lights, lamps, fans, switchboards, power plugs, exhaust fans, breakers, etc. You need to choose all the electrical accessories carefully as many types and qualities are available in the market.

Electric Components Cost: For a 5 Marla house, you need almost 15 switchboards and buttons that will cost 12,750 PKR total and 850 individually. The total estimated cost of all lights and lamps is around 100,000 PKR. For 18 power plugs and sockets, PKR 9,000 is required. For 9 fans installation in 5 Marla homes, you should keep the budget of 54,000 as the fan rate per unit is 6,000 PKR. Moreover, 6 exhaust fans are essential that will cost 15,000 PKR in total. Breakers cost is 30,000 PKR. However, the cost of cable and electric wiring is 75,000 PKR. For the whole electricity work, the technicians will charge almost 25,000. Hence, the electrician cost can vary according to the area. The total electricity cost of 5 Marla homes is 320,750 PKR.

Stair Railing

A stair railing gives your home a more aesthetic look. However, it is an essential part of your house finishing. Nowadays, steel railing is more famous as it is more durable. There are many stair railing designs from which you can choose the suitable one. The railings can be made on order according to your stair structure and other specifications.

Stair Railing Cost: The total cost of a stair railing is around 85,000 PKR.

Window, Mirrors

Installing window frames and mirrors is an integral part of your home finishing. Glass panes and wire mesh are used in aluminum frames. There are many beautiful window and mirror designs from which you can choose the desirable one.

Window & Mirror Cost: The cost of glass and aluminum windows for 5 Marla houses is around 230,000 PKR. However, the window mirrors will cost you almost 20,000.

Total Finishing Cost of 5 Marla House Double-Storey

The total 5 Marla finishing cost of A-category is 2,356,500 PKR approximately. 

Material  Rate (PKR) Quantity  Total Cost (PKR)
Flooring Tiles 270 384,500
Stair Marble 115,000
Kitchen Shelf 30,000
Filling, Cement, Tile Bands 35,000
Labor Cost 150,000
Paint 300,000
Exterior Rock Wall 30,000
Roof ceiling 107,250
Kitchen Wood Work 150,000
Wardrobes 150,000
Locks, Door Handles 26,000
LED Rack 50,000
Kitchen Accessories 96,000
Bathroom Accessories 167,000
Electrical Components 320,750
Stair Railing 85,000
Window Frames 230,000
Window Mirrors 20,000
Total 2,446,500

Difference between A-Category and A+ Category Finishing

You may hear about A and A-plus category when start building your home. Both these construction methods are highly famous in Pakistan. The key difference between A Category and A+ category is the MATERIAL selection.

If you are building A-category 5 Marla house, you will use high-quality material that is durable and contemporary. Also, the A-category house structure is standard. Most people prefer A category construction and finishing as it is affordable. However, the A+ category is a more modern approach in terms of structure and design.

This includes the imported and more expensive materials. The covered area of both the categories is the same hence the grey structure, finishing, and material costs are definitely higher than the A category.

How Much Time Does it Take to Construct 5 Marla House?

In Pakistan, building a 5 Marla house double-storey can take 4 to 6 months based on several factors. At the first step, the foundation and grey structure are made that includes many steps. Each phase has its demand and time duration. The time can be increase or decrease because of many factors including weather conditions, difficulty in finding material, availability of labor, and more.

Total Cost

5 Marla Grey Structure = 3,414,050 PKR

5 Marla Finishing = 2,446,500PKR

Total = 5,860,550 PKR

Final Words

By considering all the material and labor cost of the grey structure and finishing, the total 5 Marla house cost construction of A-category is 5,860,550 PKR. This is an estimated cost that can vary with a little difference. Instead of buying a constructed home, making it on your own is a wise choice. The cost and value of your home will increase with time. However, you can sell it and earn huge profits.

You are advised to make a home on your own instead of hiring a contractor. If you make a labor and material deal with a contractor then the cost will go higher however you would not be able to enjoy desirable benefits. However, choosing a reliable contractor can lessen the burden of you have a busy routine. Even if you work with a contractor, at least provide the material under your supervision for check and balance.

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