Capital Smart City Latest Developments

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Capital Smart City is a modernistic housing project of Habib Rafiq Private Ltd (HRL) and Future Development Holding Ltd (FDHL). This ideal and first smart city housing scheme of Pakistan is located just 9.2Kms away from Thalian Interchange M-2. Capital Smart City is showing massive progress and development work since its official inauguration in 2019. At present, construction work of various blocks is ongoing rapidly. The developers aim to complete this project before due time.

The most amazing thing about this project is that this society will have a motorway interchange soon. After the interchange approval, this project became more worthy for investments and residence. The top-notch housing project Capital Smart City’ Latest Developments are as follows.

Latest Developments in Different Blocks

Overseas Prime Block

The main entrance of Overseas Prime block is from Chakri Road. The main boulevard of this block from the entrance is already developed. While the construction of the streets is under development. Another remarkable update about this block is that the bridge here is almost ready. This bridge will link the Overseas Prime Block to the Executive-I Block. The earthwork and asphalt work of this block is rapidly progressing. After a few months, the major construction work will be completed for this block.



Overseas East and Overseas Central Block

In Overseas East and Overseas Central, development work is continuing at a fast pace. Major construction work of roads and land leveling is completed. Plotting in major parts of these blocks has also been done. Moreover, the Overseas East block is the first one to get possession in sectors A to K.



Executive Block

The development work in the executive block is ongoing after land clearance and land leveling. Besides this, the main boulevard for this block has also been constructed.  Executive Block B is 80-85% structurally developed. The remaining work will soon be completed. After that, possessions will be given to the owners.



Lake View Terrace

Lake View Terrace block will offer villas, apartments, and commercial sectors for sale upon its completion. The development work in this block has started with land leveling and basic road structures. After some basic constructions and plotting, within a few months, this block will be officially launched.


Harmony Park Block

The earthwork in Harmony Park Block is speedily ongoing. According to the master plan of Capital Smart City, this block is divided into two parts. The harmony park in Overseas East will only offer apartments. While the other part of this block will offer plots. Within a few months, the plotting of the harmony park that is in Executive-I will also be started.


Lakeview Heights

Lakeview Heights is a luxury apartment building. This building is situated in Overseas Block C. This modernly designed apartment building is in its developing stage. The views from this building are scenic and breathtaking. For timely possession of these apartments, development work is rapidly progressing.



Smart Villas

Smart Villas are planned in both overseas and executive blocks. These villas will be of various sizes from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal. The construction of these villas in the overseas block is in progress. Some villas are in the early construction phase while the grey structure of many villas has already been completed. Some villas in the overseas east block are even at their second roofing stage. Soon, these villas will be completely developed.





Harmony Heights

Harmony Heights is a multistory residential apartment building in Overseas Block D. The construction of this building is also under progress. Its development speed reflects the early competition of this building.


Capital Hills

Capital Hills Block is currently in the earthwork development and land cuttings stage. This block will include the 18-hole signature golf course that will be surrounded by apartments and villas.



Other Developments

Mosques: The Grand Mosque has officially inaugurated in Feb 2022 by Capital Smart City. This mosque is located in Overseas Block C and is fully constructed and functional now. While another mosque is under progress in Executive Block B. The framework of this mosque is in progress these days.



La-Mer Business Street: The construction work of La-Mer Business Street is in progress. This will be a business hub having commercial plots and shops.


Ring Road: Construction work for Ring Road has also started and it is in the developing phase.

Golf Course: The development work of the golf course is under progress also. Land leveling and earthwork are currently ongoing.


Parks and Horticultural Development: Capital Smart City aims to provide clean and green environs to its residents. That’s why horticultural work is done to make this society aesthetically beautiful and green. The linear parks have developed with beautiful designs and aesthetics. Fountain installations are almost in the final stage.

Water Tanks: Overhead water tank is under development to supply clean fresh water.


Sui Gas: The society has also got Sui gas approval from Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited. Thus, gas pipelines will be laid shortly.

Schools: Smart school campus in Overseas Block is almost complete now. This school will offer international-level education facilities to its students. Moreover, another school in the admin block is under construction.

Medical Center: The foundation laying for the medical center is in progress. Digging up has already started at the site selected for the medical clinic.


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