Lahore Smart City Latest Developments in 2022

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Lahore Smart City is the first smart city in Lahore providing incredible living and investment opportunities. Located on Lahore Eastern Bypass, this place is gaining immense popularity among potential buyers and customers.

The society has already gained its NOC from Lahore Development Authority. Here, you can buy residential as well as commercial plots with an easy installment plan spanning over 3 years. Lahore Smart City is innovatively planned gated community based on smart concepts and ideas.

Spread over a large land area, this society is consist of Overseas Block, Overseas Prime Block, and Executive Block. Other remarkable features include a theme park, education district, commercial district, sports district, golf course, and more.

Lahore Smart City Development Progress 2022

Smart City Lahore is LDA approved housing scheme where the development work is going on at a fast pace. This is one of the fastest developing societies in Lahore where the whole construction work is proceeding swiftly as per LDA defined rules and regulations. On LSC site, all the required resources and equipment are available.

Lahore Smart City development work started in the middle of 2020 with soil testing. After gaining NOC approval from LDA, all the machinery was installed at the site. However, the development work then started and going on without any delay to deliver the project timely to the investors. Because of such an incredible and swift development, Lahore Smart City plot prices are continually increasing. Let’s have a look at Smart City Lahore development progress in 2022.

  1. Roads and Drive Away

Roads and Drive Away

After testing the soil, LSC development work started with the access road construction. In Sector A and B, the development of roads is going on at a fast pace. Along with the road construction, underground connections and sewerage line excavation work are also going on. Road C-2 and Drive away 6 of sector A are completed.

Roads and Drive Away

Now the work on Road 2A of sector B along with streets and lanes is in progress. The paving work of drive away 4 in sector B is also in progress.

Roads And Drive Away

  1. Sewerage Line Excavations and Storm Drainage

Sewerage Line Excavations and Storm Drainage

Along with road construction, other underway development work in Lahore Smart City includes the excavations of sewerage lines both in sectors A and B. Considerable digging has been done and the pipelines have been installed in certain areas. Besides, the framework fixing for storm water drainage is also in progress in A and B sectors.

Sewerage Line Excavations And Storm Drainage

  1. Business Avenue Development

Business Avenue Development

Lahore Smart City is a vast and premium housing project spread over a large land area featuring multiple sectors and features. However, LSC master plan includes a business avenue providing the best business and job opportunities to people. As per Lahore Smart City latest update 2022, the earthwork of the business avenue is under a process that includes excavations, road leveling, and more.

  1. Overhead Water Tanks

Overhead Water Tanks

To ensure the continuous supply of water to LSC residents, each sector of this society will have an overhead water tank. Overhead water tank development and construction have been completed in sector A. However, the construction of this tank is going on at a fast pace in sector B which will be completed soon.

Overhead Water Tanks

  1. Mosques Construction

Mosques Construction

The development of mosques both in sectors A and B is going on swiftly. Considerable work has been done on the mosque of sector A. However, mosque sector B framework steel fixing work is in progress.

Mosques Construction

  1. Lahore Smart Villas Construction

Lahore Smart Villas Construction

Soon, LSC is going to launch its new deal of Lahore Smart Villas in multiple sizes. Currently, the construction work on Georgian style and contemporary villas in sector A are in progress. These villas consist of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal.

  1. Plantation and Community Park

Plantation and Community Park

LSC is promoting a sustainable and lush green living environment. However, its master plan includes various parks, trees, landscapes, and green spaces. Considerable work on Community Park, plantations, and landscaping is under process in all the blocks and sectors.

Lahore Smart City development work is going on swiftly to deliver the project on time. This is the best time to invest in this premium project to gain futuristic benefits as the property rates are continually increasing despite the fast development progress.

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