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Park Avenue Lahore is a LDA approved housing scheme offering an incredible living experience. Located 2.5 KM away from GT Road, this society also has huge investment potential. This place offers full plot ownership that allows you to make your dream home easily. However, it is a great choice for people who want affordable and high-standard living. Park Avenue housing society is planned and developed according to new real estate trends.

Here, all the modern amenities and facilities are available to upgrade your residential quality. Park Avenue Lahore plots for sale are available in multiple sizes. However, you can book residential plots as well as commercial plots as per your needs. From basic utilities to advanced amenities of life, PAHS ensures a fully modernized living for people. Hence, it is among the best housing schemes in Lahore that is legal, ideally located and affordable.

The residents of PAHS can enjoy a safe, luxurious and facilitated living. Spread over a large land area, this project is divided into three sectors. Both from a living and investment perspective, this is an ideal place. Everything is excellently planned to exceed your expectations. The living quality is very high, with favorable and fantastic surroundings. This is not an ordinary place to live and invest.

PAHS incorporates perfection, sophistication and luxuries while offering an incredible living ambiance to people. Moreover, Park Avenue Lahore payment plan is designed very flexibly and appealingly. Every little detail is kept in mind while developing this place to meet the requirements of buyers.

Park Avenue Lahore Master Plan

Park Avenue is a master-planned housing project in Lahore featuring residential and commercial properties. The society has already gained its NOC from LDA. Park Avenue layout plan has been also approved. However, it is a legal housing scheme in Lahore. Spread over 1786 Kanal land, this is a vast real estate development by Musa Builders and Developers. This place is offering numerous living, commercial, and investment opportunities.

Located at the prime location of Lahore close to Allama Iqbal International Airport, PAHS ensures the best investment returns. The living is also high-grade here as this society is well-equipped with modern facilities. Park Avenue Master plan is designed by experts and professionals according to international standards. The society has residential sectors, commercial sectors, entertainment sectors, and more.

Considerable attention is given to greenery as almost 25% land of PAHS is specified for landscapes, parks, trees, etc. The owner of this project is working with a vision to develop Green Park Avenue offering a healthy and peaceful living atmosphere. There are several blocks featuring multiple properties for sale. Park Avenue Lahore Main Boulevard is 150 feet long however the society roads are 35 to 40 feet wide.

Numerous size plots for sale are available that you can buy to gain futuristic investment benefits. As PAHS offers full plot ownership, you can also build homes to reside or resell them with double profit margins. Park Avenue payment plan just consists of 36 monthly installments providing a lot of ease to potential buyers. 26 Kanal land is specified for the University of Lahore campus. Moreover, a central mosque will be constructed here consisting of 5 Kanal land. Hospitals, schools, commercial zones, theme park, and many other facilities will also be made part of PAHS.

Park Avenue Lahore Plots for Sale

Park Avenue Lahore features various properties. Here, you can book residential plots and commercial plots. Limited homes for sale are also available here. Park Avenue plot prices are highly affordable. As this society is approved by LDA, the plots will have access to all the basic utilities such as water, SUI gas, and electricity. All the residential plots are on the ground that gives you a chance to get possession after 50% payment and start building your home.

Park Avenue Lahore Residential Plots for Sale

Park Avenue residential plots are available in the following sizes!

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Park Avenue Lahore Commercial Plots for Sale

Park Avenue commercial properties are available in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla plots
  • 1 Marla sector shop
  • 2 Marla sector shop
  • 2 Marla sector shop

Park Avenue Lahore Blocks

Park Avenue is a vast housing scheme spread over 1786 Kanal land. However, this project is consists of several blocks and sectors. Each block is offering incredible living, commercial and investment opportunities on easy monthly installments. All the blocks are approved by LDA and the development work is going in all of them.

There are residential plots for sale, commercial plots for sale and sector shops are available in every block. However, they have the access to all the basic utilities such as SUI gas, water, underground electricity, and more. Park Avenue blocks are as follows!

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block A1
  • Block C1

Why Invest in Park Avenue Housing Scheme Lahore?

If you are looking for an economical, safe, and futuristic investment hub, PAHS is your destination. Designed and developed exclusively, this place has so much to offer you. This housing scheme is offering world-class living to people in the midst of luxuries.

Considerable development and construction work has been completed here. However, many people have already started residing here. From all the aspects, this is a top real estate development to live and invest in. Here are the reasons to buy plot in Park Avenue Lahore!

  • LDA approved housing scheme
  • Ideally located 2 minute drive away from LDA Interchange, Ring Road, Lahore
  • Easy 3-Year Installment Plan
  • Full plot possession is guaranteed to investors on 50% payment
  • A healthier lifestyle is guaranteed as 25% land of the society is specified for greenery
  • Modern Infrastructure and access to all basic utilities

Park Avenue Lahore Payment Plan

Park Avenue Lahore payment plan is very conveniently designed for the ease of buyers. However, this project is considered among the most sought-after and affordable housing schemes in Lahore. The prices are convenient for all the properties if we consider everything this place has to offer us. However, this society is offering residential plots, commercial plots, and sector shops.

You can book your dream property at the best location in Lahore with many conveniences. Park Avenue Lahore plot booking can be made with just 20% down payment followed by an easy 3-Year installment plan. The payment and installment policies are very easy without complexities. There are several blocks offering futuristic living and investment options. Hence, Park Avenue Lahore plot prices vary according to size and location.

This housing scheme is ideal both for living and investment. Because of the ideal location, trusted developers, world-class town planning, and modern infrastructure, the value, and demand of PAHS properties are increasing rapidly. Those who invested in this society earlier are gaining incredible benefits. You can also get the best value of money by investing in Park Avenue. The most notable factor is that Lahore Park Avenue offers full plot ownership to the investors that allow them to make their dream home easily and quickly. Whether you buy in residential or commercial property, the desirable future gains are guaranteed. Here is the detailed Park Avenue payment plan containing all the details!

Park Avenue Lahore Residential Plots Payment Plan

Park Avenue Lahore Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Park Avenue Lahore Location

Park Avenue housing scheme Lahore is ideally located 2-minute drive away from LDA Interchange, Ring Road Lahore. 140 Feet Main Boulevard that connects Ferozpur Road with Raiwind passes through the society. However, Park Avenue location is the most strategic and well-connected to all over the city.

Many well-known housing societies are located in proximity to PAHS. This includes LDA city, Lake city, Khayaban-e-Amin, Bahria Orchard and more. Many roads and highways are closely connected to this society making it easily accessible. The surroundings are facilitated as well as peaceful. Many shopping malls, universities, bus stops, hospitals, commercial sectors and other features are closely located.

This is exactly the location one wants to have for residential and commercial purposes. PAHS location attracts a large number of people towards this place to set up new living standards by buying property here. This society is easily accessible and enjoys excellent connectivity to many attractions of the city.

Your living or investment place must be situated at a prime location so that you can easily access it from all the parts of the city. Hence, Park Avenue Lahore is located beneficially in the midst of all those features, surroundings and essentials, which improves the worth and value of any residential project. The recent investment chances and future value, both are exclusively high because various remarkable developments are in proximity to this society.

Park Avenue Lahore Map

Park Avenue Lahore Development Status

Park Avenue development work is going on at a fast pace in all the blocks. The whole construction is going on according to LDA approved layout plan. Hence, underground electrification has been installed to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to the residents. A central park consisting of 40 Kanal is also developed.

The construction of Main Boulevard and various roads has also been completed. However, the main gate construction is under the process that will be completed soon. You are encouraged to visit the society on-ground to encounter the development work. The following images elaborate on Park Avenue development status!

Park Avenue Lahore Developers

Park Avenue is a project of Musa Builders & Developers that is a leading name in the real estate industry of Pakistan. This housing scheme is exclusively designed according to advanced standards. In PAHS, the developers have introduced a new vision of living that is modern as well as greener. They are working on an initiative “Green Park Avenue”. To accomplish this vision, 25% of the total Park Avenue land is specified for trees and landscapes. 40 Kanal central park is also made part of the society.

Musa developers have always shown their excellence and innovation in all their projects. They are committed to the timely delivery of the projects to the clients. Considerable development in PAHS has been completed while the rest is going on swiftly. Every single detail of this project is planned and crafted with much sincerity, hard work, and innovation. Because of the exclusive approach and high standards, it is becoming a landmark having all those things which are essential to lead a remarkable life.

The developers have done and everything in an excellent way so that people can acquire their dream living place. People will get the best value of their money at this place which is developed on higher standards and advanced concepts of construction. All the members of having worked amazingly to make this place one of the best housing schemes in Lahore for those who want to attain a quality lifestyle with attractive rates.

Park Avenue Lahore Facilities & Features

If you are looking for safe, modern, and facilitated living, PAHS is the best choice. This place is exclusively planned to take your residential standards to the next level. Moreover, Park Avenue investment perspective is very high. This society is offering an abundance of lifestyle amenities and features.

Close to a natural and peaceful environment while having world-class amenities around, you will give you an exceptional and memorable living experience. While having the best options and leisure around, you will feel delightful and peaceful all the time. There is no need to go far away to get the necessities of life as everything is available within PAHS. Live safely and profoundly while having the following features and facilities a part of your life.

  • High alert security
  • 150 feet Main Boulevard
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Underground Electrification
  • Clean Water Supply
  • Sui Gas
  • Grid Station
  • Advanced waste management system
  • Mosques
  • Parks & Landscapes
  • Commercial Zone
  • Theme Park
  • Schools & Hospitals

How to Book Plot in Park Avenue Lahore?

Park Avenue Lahore booking procedure is simple and efficient. You can contact the expert team of Wall Real Estate for booking and details. The booking process contains some easy steps. Firstly, fill the booking form. Then, attach required documents with the form such as a copy of CNIC. Submit the form and pay down payment in form of cash or cheque and get the receipt. Contact us now for booking!

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