2022 Updated Rules List for High Rise Building Construction in Lahore 

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High-rise buildings in Lahore are becoming popular nowadays due to the increasing demand for residential and business spaces. However, for the construction of tall buildings whether mix-use, residential or commercial, a legal set of rules must be followed for orderly development. Building bye-laws in Lahore are created and implemented by Lahore Development Authority.

These by-laws include various safety measures and planning related to height, amenities, coverage, limitations, and more. High-rise building construction rules and regulations ensure that the whole development process adheres to safety, quality, and aesthetic standards.

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High Rise Building Construction Rules in Lahore 2022

Lahore Development Authority comes up with the latest high-rise building construction rules in Lahore for the year 2022. These rules are formulated under multiple policies that all the builders have to follow to avoid environmental, safety, and other issues occurred due to high-rise buildings. Let’s consider Lahore high-rise building construction rules set by LDA.

Areas & Land for Building Construction 

This includes the land and area on which constructing a high-rise building is legal according to LDA new rules and regulations for building construction in Lahore.

Land Permission 

1. Building constructions are not allowed in specific parts of approved private housing schemes.

2. The developers cannot pursue building construction on fertile lands otherwise serious actions will be taken.

3. High-rise building construction can be done on 30 feet to 80 feet wide roads.

Allowed Areas 

As per the LDA bye-laws, the high-rise buildings can be constructed on the following roads of Lahore.

1. Raiwind Road

2. Burki Road

3. Thokar Niaz Baig to DHA

4. Shaukat Khanum to Khayaban-e-Jinnah

5. Johar Town Bypass Road

6. Moden Town Link Road

7. PIA Road Extension

8. Zafar Ali Road

9. Jail Road

10. Canal Bank Road

11. Shahkam Chowk

12. Multan Road

13. Maulana Shauqat Ali Road

14. Railway Crossing

Building Height 

The LDA has revised the building height rules despite the growing demand for apartment and commercial hubs in Lahore. Previously, high-rise building construction was allowed only On 4 Kanal land plots. The building can go higher as much as 36 feet on 1 Kanal or less than 1 Kanal plot. Now, the landowners are allowed to make skyscrapers in Lahore even on small size plots.

Residential Building Height Limit 

1. On 4 Kanal or less than 4 Kanal plots, the building height limit is 120 feet. This is equal to 9 floors along with the ground floor.

2. On 4 Kanal plots, buildings can go 200 feet higher. This includes a service floor along with 14 floors.

3. Plot owners of 8 Kanal to less than 12 Kanal can make 300 feet high-rise buildings in Lahore. This includes approximately 25 floors.

Plot Size

Building Height Limit

  4 Kanal or Less

120 Feet

  4 Kanal to Less than 8 Kanal

200 Feet

 8 Kanal to Less than 12 Kanal

300 Feet

Commercial Building Height Limit & Areas 

To promote commercial activities in Lahore, LDA allowed commercial high-rise buildings on 10 multiple roads without setting any height limit. The 10 roads for commercial building developments in Lahore include Zafar Ali Road, Jail Road, Barki Road, Maulana Shaukat Ali Road, Raiwind Road from Thokar to Defence, Model town link road to Canal Road, Johar Town bypass road, railway crossing, Mall Road, PIA Road extension, Shahkam chowk, and Link Raiwind Road.

Reclassification of some other roads is also approved including Main Boulevard Sabzazar, Johar Town Road, Abul Hassan Isphani Road, Tollinton Market Road, Campus bridge road, Qazi Essa Road, Wahdat Road, Shah Jillani Road, and Hamdard Jail Road.

Safety Measures 

LDA has defined some safety measures and regulations both for commercial and residential skyscrapers. The developers and constructors must keep in view these regulations while constructing high-rise or multi-story buildings in Lahore. LDA building safety rules are as follows!

  • The structure must be exceptionally strong with a high weight-bearing capacity
  • Steel reinforcement inside the concrete building structure
  • Steel pilling foundations
  • Buildings must include a safe and advanced fire-fighting system along with an air ventilation system
  • To prevent disasters, the buildings should have earthquake resilient structure
  • Suitable evacuation routes in multiple areas of a building for emergency exit

Eco-Friendly Rules 

To keep the city sustainable, the high-rise building constructions must be accomplished according to certain eco-friendly rules and regulations. LDA-defined eco-friendly rules for buildings are as follows!

  • High-rise buildings must have rainwater harvesting and water treatment plants
  • Rooftop solar panel systems are highly encouraged
  • Growing plants and trees around the building are mandatory
  • Rooftop gardens are also encouraged by LDA

Facilities & Features 

For efficient living and commercial activities in high-rise buildings, there must be sufficient facilities and features. According to LDA latest rules for high-rise building construction in Lahore, these developments must include the following amenities and facilities!

  • The building owners must include solar-generated energy as an alternative to generators in case of electricity shortage
  • Efficient parking spaces are mandatory
  • There must be spacious lobbies and hallways
  • Water storage facilities are essential
  • Firefighting and advanced sewerage system
  • Recreational facilities are also encouraged

LDA new laws for high rise building construction 2022 are more flexible that promote such projects according to certain regulations. These spaces will offer numerous living, business, and commercial opportunities to people. If any developer or contractor fails to comply with the high rise building construction according to LDA-defined rules, the concerned authorities and law will take serious actions.

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