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Mangla Garrison Housing is a new development located at the edge of Mangla dam near Jehlum. This is the first-ever water-facing residential project in Pakistan. Society is planned exclusively according to international standards. However, this place offers a dream living to people while surrounded by breath-taking views of nature. Mangla Garrison housing is providing incredible living and investment options. Here, you can book residential plots for sale, luxury villas, apartments, and resorts. Commercial plots are also made part of this top-notch development. Hence, the residents of this project will enjoy an upscale lifestyle full of comforts.


Luxurious amenities and facilities are made part of this society in order to upgrade the living standards of people. This housing project has a great appeal both for local and overseas investors. Mangla Garrison offers lavish living with fascinating natural views. The surroundings are beautiful as well as healthy and peaceful. Many recreational options are also available at this project. Hence, the residents of Mangla Garrison do not need to go anywhere for picnics on weekends as this place has all.

The famous architects have designed this society according to international standards. Hence, this place combined luxury and serenity very well. The incredible surroundings and lush green environment make this an ideal living destination. Mangla Garrison housing scheme is an ideal place for those who want to live in the lap of nature. Moreover, luxurious facilities and amenities are available that include parks, resorts, 18-hole golf course, hospitals, and much more. Besides, society is also emerging as a new investment destination ensuring high future returns. Mangla garrison housing payment plan is designed attractively for the ease and convenience of buyers. Here, plots are available in easy installments.

Considerable development work has also been completed in Mangla Garrison however the remaining work is going on at a fast pace. Throughout the planning and development, high-end architectural and constructional ideas are kept in mind. Both from a living and investment point of view, this housing scheme is the best choice. The top-notch location, water-facing views, greenery, luxurious facilities, and world-class development make it one of the best real estate developments in Pakistan. Society has so much to offer its residents to make their living remarkable. You can experience an urbanized lifestyle with a combination of nature and serenity. This place ensures providing a unique living chance to people with a lot of comforts and conveniences. Keep on reading for more Mangla Garrison Housing details!

Mangla Garrison Housing Master Plan 

Mangla Garrison Housing Mirpur is a first-class development at the edge of Mangla Dam. This is a project of Mangla View Resort (Pvt) Ltd in association with Markhor development holdings. However, it is a subtle integration of architecture with the natural environment, providing the residents with an elegant and beautiful life. A considerable hilly land area is specified for the establishment of Mangla Garrison society.

The developers have chosen the most promising, well-connected, and beautiful location to establish this project. Hence, this project has appealing, safe, and serene surroundings. This project is exceptionally planned according to advanced concepts and ideas. The Tuscan-inspired architecture and abundance of luxury features make this society the most desirable living destination. Moreover, the investment perspective is also high at this place. Here, multiple properties for sale are available in many sizes from which you can choose as per your specific needs and demands.

You can book residential plots, commercial plots, villas, apartments, and more. Besides, the resorts are also available full of luxuries and comforts. The splendid water, sunset, and landscape views from your home give you a sense of peace each morning you wake up at this place. However, all the basic utilities, facilities, and features also make part of this housing project. The modern infrastructure and top-notch development add more to its value and demand.

This project is established for you with the aim to provide more than enough facilities and luxuries to you. Here the interaction with the modern amenities along with the natural and peaceful options will give you a chance to get relaxed from the tough and occupied daily routine. It is the best escape from the exhausting life to have a different and outstanding experience. Magla Garrison housing property prices are flexible and convenient.


Mangla Garrison Housing Properties for Sale 


Mangla Garrison housing Mirpur is a vast project featuring multiple property types. This place offers many property options to buyers for living and investment purposes. However, you can choose the one that suits your budget and needs. All the properties here ensure high future returns.

Mangla Garrison Housing Residential Plots 

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Mangla Garrison Housing Commercial Plots 

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • Mangla Garrison Housing Villas
  • 5 Marla Villas (2 Bedroom)
  • 10 Marla Villas (3 Bedroom)

Mangla Garrison Housing Apartments 

  • Studio Apartments
  • 1 Bedroom Apartments
  • 2 Bedroom Apartments
  • 3 Bedroom Penthouse

Mangla Garrison Housing Payment Plan 

Mangla Garrison is offering affordable and premium living opportunities to people who want to upscale their residential quality. Moreover, Mangla Garrison housing phase 2 plots provide remarkable investment opportunities. Currently, MGH property prices are flexible. However, they are continually increasing because of their incredible location, trusted developers, world-class amenities, high-end development status, and more. However, the Mangla Garrison housing payment plan is very conveniently designed for the ease of buyers. You can book properties here with easy installments.

MGH is offering multiple living and investment options that include residential plots for sale, commercial plots for sale, Mangla Garrison Lake facing villas for sale, apartments for sale, and more. All the properties ensure a high return on investment. Moreover, they provide dream living opportunities full of luxuries. Hence, the flexible payment plan of MGH allows you to be a part of this society without going out of budget. Here are the details of Mangla Garrison’s payment plan containing all the details!

Mangla Garrison Housing Launching Payment Plan 


Mangla Garrison Housing Early Bird Payment Plan 

Mangla Garrison Housing Pre-Launch Payment Plan 


Mangla Garrison Housing Location 

Mangla Garrison is located in Mirpur, at the edge of Mangla Dam in proximity to Jehlum. When choosing any place to live and invest, the location matters a lot. This sets your property value high. Moreover, it significantly impacts your everyday living. Mangla Garrison housing location fulfills all the aspects of an ideal location. Lahore and Islamabad are closely connected to this area. You can reach out to MGH directly from Kharian-Rawalpindi motorway and G.T Road. Moreover, the cant area and upcoming CPEC route are also close to this project making it an ideal living and investment hub.

This is a dream living place surrounded by lush green hills and landscapes. Moreover, this place is the first water-facing residential project in Pakistan. From Mangla Garrison water-facing villas, resorts and apartments, you will enjoy breathtaking views of sparkling water and greenery. Mirpur city is in the vicinity of this project. The other nearby attractions are Rohtas fort, Ramkor fort, Mangla fort, and Lehri national park. Hence, this is a safe living destination that you can easily access from all the parts of Jehlum, Mirpur, and other nearby cities.

The investment potential at this location is high indicating remarkable future returns. Mangla Garrison location is best from a living and investment point of view. Many world-class facilities and entertainment destinations are closely located. You will enjoy a safe and facilitated living here full of comforts and luxuries. The natural atmosphere and peaceful surroundings let you experience a dream lifestyle in the lap of nature.

Mangla Garrison Housing Map 


Mangla Garrison Housing Developers 

The project has been impersonated and detailed by the largest and well-status real estate group Mangla View Resort (Pvt) Ltd in association and Markhor development holdings. They have brought a unique blend of residential, commercial, and leisure facilities into a single name Mangla Garrison Housing. Through this project, the developers are bringing a unique living experience for people. This place offers top-notch living and investment options with promising future benefits.

The developers have designed the project by keeping in view every individual need for living, commercial, and entertainment. They have initiated such kind of project to give the people versatile investment opportunities where higher returns in the future are guaranteed. Hence, Mangla Garrison is the most amazing development which has made on the land of opportunities and possibilities. This place is becoming the most important project as the developers are providing more than enough features and very high quality to you.

An exceptional living or vacation time is guaranteed to you with everything this place has to offer. Mangla Garrison housing scheme is stretched on very suitable land of this city. The professionals have paid attention to each and everything to offer a place beyond your expectations. High quality is evident here with the enticing features and facilities. Here the life seems more significant and delightful with the rare living conditions and high development standings.

From start to end, high-end infrastructural development concepts and ideas are kept in mind. However, the Mangla Garrison housing master plan is designed according to international standards. Society is attracting local and overseas investors at the same time. The developers are initiating new living concepts in form of Mangla Garrison society that is the first water-facing residential project in Pakistan. You will find this place appealing to live in and invest in from all perspectives.

Mangla Garrison Housing Development Status 

The development work at MGH is going on at a fast pace. Mangla Garrison developers are committed to excellence and integrity thus ensuring timely delivery of this project. Almost 40% of development work has already been completed at this place. Hence, the remaining work is in progress according to high-end development standards and ideas. Here are the Mangla Garrison Housing real images indicating the development status!.


Why Invest in Mangla Garrison Housing ?

  • Pakistan’s first lake-facing residential place of international standards
  • Provide an exceptional, safe, and peaceful living environment
  • Golden chance for those who want to adopt an evolving lifestyle to enhance their living standards according to contemporary time.
  • The project blends nature with luxury and sophistication very well
  • Fast pace development status. Almost 40% of the development is already completed
  • Ideal location close to nature and other facilities of life
  • Contemporary architecture and infrastructural planning
  • Introducing more peaceful and remarkable living standards
  • Offering high-value status to those who choose this place
  • The best quality and standardized lifestyle with much ease and convenience in payments

Mangla Garrison Housing Facilities & Features

Experience a lifestyle full of luxuries at Mangla Garrison. A very exclusive and desirable living is now available to you with MGH which is all set to give you a secure, remarkable, and facilitated lifestyle endorsed with high quality. Here all the best entertainment and living attractions are combined. You will be able to spend such a quality and memorable time while surrounded by the best facilities and amenities.

A lot of entertainment activities are available for you, along with the necessary amenities. Many world-class features are also here, which make this place truly exceptional with excellent standards. It is worth living at this place to enjoy all those things to provide you with a memorable experience.

This project is exclusively designed according to advanced concepts. Here, you will enjoy modern living while surrounded by nature. The lake-facing residence provides a unique living experience. However, Mangla Garrison housing master plan is excellently designed by a modern architect. Here, all the facilities and features are available to take your living to the next level. From basic to advanced, all the amenities are made part of this world-class real estate development. Mangla Garrison housing facilities are as follows!

  • High-alert Security
  • Water Sports Activities
  • 18-Hole Golf Course
  • Horse Riding Club
  • Natural Surroundings
  • Splendid Water Views
  • Restaurants & Resorts
  • Power Backup
  • Clean Water Supply
  • Modern Hospital
  • Exclusive Villas & Apartments


How to Book Property in Mangla Garrison Housing 

Turn your life to the new and advanced side by investing in Mangla Garrison that is greatly developed for you. For Mangla Garrison Housing booking, contact the expert team of Wall Real Estate. It is the right time to buy a place here, so be quick and own a lifestyle you deserve!


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