Park View City Lahore

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Park View City Lahore is a housing scheme by Vision Group located on Multan Road. The society holds great importance and value because of its ideal location, renowned developers, and high-end development.

Here the best living and investment options are available on easy installments. Before Lahore, Park View City Islamabad has earned great success in the real estate industry. Park View City housing scheme Lahore is planned with a vision to provide an exclusive lifestyle to people full of comforts and luxuries. Moreover, the investment perspective is very high at this place.


This is among the promising and highly profitable housing societies in Lahore that offer the best value of money. Spread over a large land area, this place is set to fulfill the diverse residential and investment needs of people. Since the launch of Park View City Lahore, the scheme has gained a remarkable response from potential buyers. Hence, the developers of this project have introduced many blocks where multiple properties are available.

Park View City Lahore plots for sale are available in various sizes from which you can choose as per your specific needs. Established in the most ideal location of Lahore, the society is offering an incredible living ambiance full of luxuries. Considerable development has been completed in society.

Many families have also started residing there. Moreover, Park View City is also approved by all the concerned authorities making it a legal housing scheme in Lahore to live and invest. The cutting-edge infrastructure, advanced development approach, and exceptional amenities make this place an ideal destination. Hence, this society is developed with a vision to transform the way you live.

Park View City Lahore Latest Update

Park View City development work is going on swiftly. Recently, a new block named Topaz Block Extension has been launched where plots for sale are available on cash. Soo, the development work will start in this block.

Park View City Lahore Master Plan

Park View housing scheme Lahore is a vast project spread over almost 7000 Kanal land. Society is offering lucrative residential and investment opportunities to those who want to get the best value of money. Park View City Lahore location is highly strategic and easily accessible. Hence, the master plan of this project is designed according to international concepts and ideas. This society was launched with the slogan “where dreams come true” and stays true to it.

Here, luxurious living is accessible to those who want to experience something unique. Park View City is a splendid housing project equipped with exceptional amenities and facilities. Professional architects and real estate experts have designed Park View City Lahore project plan. Hence, the infrastructure of the society is modern and beautiful. This place is exclusively designed that fascinate people. However, Park view city LDA approval has also been issued by the authorities making it a safe investment hub.

The society is divided into many blocks and sectors where residential as well as commercial plots are in multiple sizes. Here, all your investment and residential cravings will be fulfilled excellently as society has so much to offer you. You can buy plots here in easy installments without going out of budget. All the blocks are very well-equipped with modern amenities, features, and facilities. Moreover, the development work in all parts of society is going on at a fast pace.

Park View City Lahore housing scheme has a wide main boulevard along with extensive road networks all around. There are many walking and jogging tracks also. Along with residential and commercial plots, Park view city Lahore villas for sale are also available in different sizes. These villas and homes are designed perfectly by keeping in view high-end architectural trends. Many families are already residing in the villas and enjoying a luxurious living full of comforts. Despite the growing demand for villas and residential properties, considerable land is extended for residential plots.

Park View City Lahore LDA Approval Status

Park view city is among the legal and LDA approved housing schemes in Lahore. However, Park View City NOC will be issued soon by the concerned authorities. This place offers futuristic and safe investment options. In the coming time, Park View City plot prices will increase. However, it is the best time to invest here to secure your future. The legal status and high-end development make this place an incredible living and investment hub.

Park View City Lahore Plots for Sale

You can book residential and commercial plots here at affordable rates. They are available in multiple sizes from which you can choose as per your specific needs. However, Park View City plot prices in Lahore are reasonable at the current time that will surely increase. The plots are available in the following sizes!

Park View City Lahore Residential Plots

Park View City residential plots sizes are as follows!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Park View City Lahore Commercial Plots

Park View City commercial plots are available in the following sizes!

  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Park View Villas Lahore

Park View Villas offer luxurious and sophisticated living to people full of comforts. Hence, you can book Park View Villas in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Park View City Lahore Payment Plan

Park View City is LDA approved housing scheme in Lahore featuring many properties. Here, you can book your dream property at convenient prices. Park View City Lahore payment plan is conveniently designed for the ease of buyers. You can avail the best living and investment options at this place. The society is offering residential plots for sale, commercial plots for sale, and villas for sale.

Each of the properties ensures high future returns to the buyers. You will get the best value for money. Currently, Park View Lahore plot prices are affordable. However, property prices are continually increasing because of fast pace development, ideal location, and many other aspects. As mentioned earlier, there are multiple blocks in this society. All of them offers multiple properties for sale.

The rates vary according to the block, plot location, and size. With a certain amount of down payment, you can book the plot that is followed by easy monthly installments. Both from a living and investment point of view, this is a remarkable development. Your dealing today with attractive and affordable prices will earn you a desirable lifestyle and enormous benefits in the future. With less investment, you can gain huge profits.

Because of the trusted developers, world-class amenities trusted developers, and ideal location, this society is getting huge response from the potential buyers from its establishment. To secure your present as well as future, this housing project is the best choice. Park View City Payment plans of all blocks are as follows!

Park View City Crystal Block Payment Plan

Park View City Platinum Block Payment Plan

Park View City Jade Block Payment Plan

Park View City Topaz Block Payment Plan

Park View City Tulip Block Payment Plan

Park View City Diamond Block Payment Plan

Park View City Executive Block Payment Plan

Park View City Rose Block Payment Plan

Park View City Overseas Block Payment Plan

Park View City Tulip Overseas Block Payment Plan

Park View City Tulip Extension Payment Plan

Park View City Golf Estate Block Payment Plan

Park View City Lahore Location

Park View City is ideally located on Multan Road, 3 KM away from Thokar Niaz Baig. This is a fast pace developing location in Lahore that is emerging as a new residential and investment hub. However, one can access Park View City location easily anywhere from Lahore. This location is well connected to Mall Road, Batti Chowk, and Azadi Chowk. You can reach Park view housing scheme Lahore conveniently from these points. Many important roads and highways are also closely connected to this place.

You will find this location ideal for living and investment. Many top-notch real estate developments are established here. Moreover, all the basic facilities are closely available. Park View City nearby societies and landmarks include Bahria Town Lahore, Valencia Town Lahore, DHA, WAPDA Town Lahore, LDA Avenue Lahore, Nishtar Town Lahore, OPF Housing scheme, and more.

Expo Centre Lahore and Sabzazar are also in proximity. Moreover, this society is connected to many roads such as Defence Road, Raiwind Road, M-2 Motorway, Lahore Ring Road, and National highway. From these roads, you can access

Park view City easily. Because of such a prime and well-connected location, this housing project has a huge investment appeal. The demand for properties in this area is continually increasing. By investing in Park View housing scheme, you can secure your future and gain the best value of money.

Park View City Lahore Map

Park View City Lahore Blocks

Spread over a large land area, Park View City is a vast real estate development in Lahore. However, this society is consists of many blocks. All Park view city blocks are offering incredible living and investment chances. However, some blocks are LDA approved and the rest are still unapproved.

In LDA approved Park View City blocks, the residents will have access to all the basic utilities such as Suit Gas, Water and underground electrification. On the other hand, the non-LDA approved blocks offer the basic utilities on higher rates as they are provided by the management to the residents. The development status of each block is also different.

You will be able to enjoy a contemporary lifestyle in these blocks full of comforts and luxuries after the completion. Besides, these blocks offer futuristic investment opportunities. The property prices are different in every block from which you can choose as per your specific needs and budget. Here are the park view city blocks details!

Crystal Block

Crystal block is an exclusive and premium addition in Lahore Park View City. This is a new residential block featuring global standard facilities and amenities. Located next to Tulip overseas block, Crystal block is offering incredible living and investment options. There is also a grid station with this block. Crystal block is not yet approved from LDA.

The development work in this block is in progress that will complete soon. After this, you can enjoy the premium amenities and facilities here. The plot possession is available in crystal block. However, the investment perspective is high at this block. You can book plots in Crystal block on cash. Currently, the installment policy is not available. Park View City crystal block plots are available in multiple sizes that include:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Overseas Block

As the name implies, this block is specially designed for overseas investors. However, Park View City overseas block is offering international-level facilities and amenities. It enjoys the best location in Park View City hence the main boulevard is directly linked with this block. Hence, Overseas block is yet not approved from LDA.

The development work is not started however it will start soon. Here, the plots are available on instalments and not on full payment. This block is offering world-class investment and living opportunities to overseas Pakistanis who want to secure their future. You can also invest in Park View City tulip overseas block. Here, the properties are available in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Golf Estate Block

Park View City has launched a golf estate block offering a premium lifestyle full of luxuries. Here, you can experience a dream living with an abundance of facilities such as golf course, parks, lakes, and more.

This block is under the approval process from LDA hence, the development work will start soon. Many residential properties for sale on an easy payment plan. Here, the plots are available on installments. You cannot book plot on full payment in this block. Park view city Gold estate plots are available in the following sizes.

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Tulip Block

Park View City Lahore Tulip block is approved from LDA thus offering affordable living and investment options. You can invest in this block to encounter high future returns. Here, the residential plots are available in multiple sizes. Considerable development has been completed here. This block is offering basic to advanced facilities to the residents. Park View City tulip block plots are available in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Tulip Extension

Recently, Park view city management has launched Tulip extension block to fulfill the diverse living and investment needs of people. This block is established next to Tulip block. Here, multiple size properties for sale are available at affordable rates. Park View City tulip extensions residential plots are available in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Jade Block

Jade Block is LDA approved block in park View City featuring plots for sale in multiple sizes. This block is offering on-ground plots on easy monthly installments. Considerable development has already been completed at this place. Many people have built their homes and start residing here. However, the residents of this block have access to all the basic utilities of life. Besides, it is well-equipped with all the modern amenities and facilities.

Despite the growing demand of properties here, Jade Block extension is also introduced by the developers next to Jade Block. Here, the plots for sale are available on cash instead of installments. You can book plots in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Jasmine Block

Jasmine Block in Park View City is a famous investment and living hub. Approved from LDA, This block is developed according to advanced standards. Here, plots are available in numerous sizes to fulfill your investment and residential needs. Moreover, this block offers the basic as well as advanced facilities of life. Park View City Jasmine Block plots are available in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Diamond Block

Diamond block is a top-notch block in Park View Lahore. Here, the residents can enjoy a safe and facilitated living full of comforts. This block is yet unapproved from LDA. Moreover, Diamond block has no entrance of its own. You can access this block from Overseas Block. Here, the plots for sale are available on 2.5 Year installment plan!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Rose Block

This block is offering residential plots as well as luxury homes for sale. You can experience a world-class living here while surrounded by luxurious facilities and features. Rose block is not approved from LDA. Moreover, it is an underdeveloped block that will be completed soon. Here, you can book plots only on cash that is payable within one month. Park View City Lahore Rose Block properties are available in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Topaz Block

Topaz Block is among the successful and well-designed blocks of Park View City Lahore. However, it is partially approved from LDA. This place is exclusively developed while keeping in view the advanced real estate trends. Here, you can enjoy world-class amenities and facilities that will upgrade your living. Park View City Topaz block properties are available on cash in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Platinum Block

If you want to enjoy exclusive living surrounded by advanced features, Park View City Platinum Block is a top choice. Located next to Diamond block, this block is equipped with modern amenities that will take your living standards to the next level. Also, high investment returns are guaranteed here. Platinum block plots are available on cash in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla

Sapphire Block

Sapphire block is LDA approved block offering multiple plots for sale. This block is considerably developed where many people are already residing. Hence, the residents have access to all the basic facilities such as underground electricity, sewerage, Sui Gas and water. You can book plots here in multiple sizes!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Tulip Overseas Block

Tulip Overseas block is ideally located opposite to Tulip extension.  This block is not yet approved by LDA. Hence, the development activities are going on here. Tulip overseas block is offering incredible investment and living opportunities both to local and overseas buyers. Here, you can book plots in multiple sizes such as:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Topaz Extension Block

Topaz extension is a new block in Park View that is launched recently. This is a new on-ground block that is not yet approved by LDA. Here, multiple size plots for sale are available on cash. Park Topaz extension block is offering plots in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Park View City Lahore Developers – The Vision Group

Park View City is among the best housing schemes in Lahore developed by The Vision Group. This project is an iconic and advanced residential hub. The professionals and experts have utilized advanced ideas for construction and designs. The developers have earned a great reputation for their tremendous development named Park View City Islamabad. After that, they are introducing the same standards and class in Lahore.

Each and every small thing in Park View Lahore is planned and designed with much effort, sincerity and excellence. Park View Lahore is based on honest efforts and special public concerns to provide excellent living and investment opportunities. This project differentiates itself from the other developments because of its modern infrastructure, high-rise values, and elevated living and investment environment. However, it is developed on innovative and contemporary ideas which make it appealing for modern investors. Integrity, excellence and high quality are at the core of the developers, and all these are evident in this project.

They work intending to provide a place for people where their dreams change into reality. The professional approach and sincere public concerns have made this society one of the most outstanding developments in the real estate of Lahore. High standards are delivered to people through this establishment which is based on contemporary sources and ideas. The exclusive plans and sincere work of professionals have made it possible to get a place so outstanding and tremendous.

The Developers are offering a luxurious lifestyle with quality infrastructure and construction. The excellence and quality of the developers are matchless in all the projects. They have launched projects with hard work, special public concerns, and integrity because of which all of their projects have earned great reputation and popularity.

Park View City Lahore is also built on advanced and latest development ideas like the other projects of these developers. Each and every detail of this venture is established with high professionalism and sets new real estate trends and concepts.

Park View City Lahore Development Status

The development work in Park View City is going on at a fast pace. In all the blocks, the construction work is in progress. However, considerable development has already been completed such as Main Boulevard, road carpeting, and more. Soon, the development work will start on residential plots expansion.

Many houses and villas and developed by people and they are residing here. From start to end, the development is carried out according to the latest real estate trends. The below images elaborate on Park View City latest update about development!

Park View City Lahore Facilities & Features

Experience a safe, modern, and world-class living in Lahore Park View City that is designed exclusively. The facilities and amenities of this residential project make it truly luxurious and worth living. Being rich with a wide range of world-class amenities and services, Park View is the center of attention to potential buyers. Your existence here will make sense to you as you will find the existence of significance and wholesomeness.

From the basic to advanced level facilities, this housing scheme has all. Here you will find the given amenities in the best possible manner. Luxuries, comforts, and conveniences are promised by this place as it is packed with more than you think. From all the perspectives, it is a desirable and fascinating place that guarantees the best lifestyle full of benefits and comforts. This place is perfect for residential and investment purposes as it is suitable for all these. You will find yourself surrounded by peace, contentment, relaxation, and facilities all the time.

Park View City Lahore gives this opportunity to people where they can lead a life full of comforts and conveniences. This place and its living spaces are packed with more than enough amenities which all are enough and appealing to grab the attention of anyone. Advanced, as well as basic facilities of life, are available to make your life pleasant. Here, you will enjoy the following amenities and facilities!

  • High-alert Security Surveillance
  • A large Marketplace
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Parks & Landscapes
  • Schools & Hospitals
  • Shopping Mall
  • Clean Water Supply
  • Electricity & Sui Gas
  • Advanced Sewerage System
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Sports Complex
  • Cinema
  • Mosques

How to Book Plot in Park View City Lahore?

Park View City booking procedure is simple and efficient. You can contact the expert team of Wall Real Estate for booking and details. The booking process contains some easy steps. Firstly, fill the booking form. Then, attach required documents with the form such as a copy of CNIC. Submit the form and pay down payment in form of cash or cheque and get the receipt. Contact us now for booking!

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