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Royal Grace City Multan is the next-level project that brings a complete package of residential and commercial plots with top-notch facilities for the buyers. Located near Khera Chowk on Southern Bypass Multan, this project is introducing new standard living for the inhabitants.

The society is offering best living and investment opportunities at affordable rates. Royal Grace City Multan is a key to leaving a congested central city and starting enjoying a fresh suburban community without any pollution.Royal Grace City MultanRoyal Grace City it is a unique residential project that is planned with international level hospitals, academic institutes, best theme parks, and malls to give a comfortable lifestyle for people. This next-generation housing society is a perfect platform to enjoy modern features and is designed with state-of-the-art technology to enhance living standards with affordable installment plans. Royal Grace city Multan location is the most strategic and ideal one.

This is the best addition to the list of first-class living housing societies that fulfills all basic needs and demands of buyers with the highest level of security to protect the residents 24/7. Royal Grace City Multan is the best offer by Zam Zam Real Estate Developers and Builders to create an ideal housing society that is easily affordable for an average Pakistani citizen. This city will give a fresh next-generation environment that covers every essential requirement at affordable rates.

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Royal Grace City Multan Master Plan

Royal Grace City Multan Master PlanRoyal Grace City is a master-planned gated community in Multan providing high-class living conditions for commercial and residential lot buyers that can enjoy every facility in an economical package.

The ideal location of RGCM was the main priority of developers to bring every basic center closer to this housing society, giving a unique experience with a cost-friendly payment plan for the buyers. Royal Grace City Multan is the most demanding housing society in Pakistan by providing better living conditions to individuals, families, and commercial residents.

Spread over a large land area, this society is divided into some blocks and sectors. However, you can book royal grace city residential plots as well as commercial plots on easy installments. The area of the society is divided into commercial and residential sectors by creating best platforms for small and medium families to cover all details at the lowest rate possible.

You can buy 5 or 7 Marla houses for large families and they have full authority to design their dream villas by following the basic standard rules of the society. Royal Grace City Multan is a gated community divided into two key regions that are commercial and residential sectors. There will be health, educational, sports, entertainment facilities, and business centers by providing all essential needs for buyers at one stop.

Royal Grace City Multan Plots for Sale

Royal Grace City plots are available in the following sizes!

3 Marla

5 Marla

7 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal

Royal Grace City Multan (MDA) Approved

The Multan Development Authority (MDA) recently approved Royal Grace City Multan housing society by issuing a No Objection Certificate (NOC). Multan Development Authority (MDA) issued this certificate for Royal Grace City Multan (RGCM) to legally clear this land by adding a great value for investors and buyers to buy plots with no fear of unlawful contracts.

The MDA approved societies are best for legal commercial activities and create a clear passage for expansion. Royal Grace City master plan of (RGCM) owners is to design a safe society with zero chance of fraudulent operations. However, the residents of MDA approved housing societies can legally stay in the area without facing any issues and plot owners can freely run their business in the commercial sector legally without any interference.

Royal Grace City Multan Payment Plan

Royal Grace city Multan payment plan is conveniently designed for the potential buyers and investors. By investing here, you can secure your present as well as future. To buy property in Royal Grace City Multan you can pay cash and this housing society is giving special discounts to those clients who can give full complete payment at a time.

The overseas clients can use this opportunity to buy any plot instantly without going through complex payment stages. However, the monthly installments are best for 5, 7, 10 Marla plots with affordable packages for workforce buyers. The latest quarterly installments are a great strategy for farmers that can easily pay a minimum price with affordable rates to buy 5 or 7 Marla plots.

Annual installments are the last category for business clients that are looking for the easiest way to buy 5, 7, 10 Marla plots in minimum duration. Apply for an annual installment patent process to get maximum benefits and buy top plots before they get sold to waiting clients. Here is the latest Royal Grace City payment plan containing all the details!Royal Grace City Multan Payment Plan

Royal Grace City Multan Location

Royal Grace City location is the top best feature with international standard infrastructure creating the best place to visit from various areas. RGCM is located on the best part of Multan on the Southern Bypass near Khera Chowk. Hence, it is directly linked with Budhla Road and Multan-Faisalabad Road.

The Nayab Grace Housing Scheme is just 5 km away from RGCM and residents can reach other major commercial areas quickly. The famous Ibn-e-Siena Hospital is only five minutes away drive from Royal Grace Smart City Multan. Reach to Defence Housing Authority Multan in just 10 minutes away drive with minimum traffic stops.The New Katchery and Vehari Chowk are located extremely close to this great housing project with top transportation links for residents. You can access these locations within 7 to 10 minutes.  Hence, the Southern Bypass is the best route from RGCM to reach Suzuki Showroom within 5 minutes of drive.

Royal Grace City Multan is surrounded by grown trees and recreational parks by creating an eco-friendly pollution free space for residents and business investors. Many top schools, colleges, and universities are easily accessible to residents or visitors from other major cities. The well-established hospitals and governmental offices are available near this large-scale housing society that is covered with beautiful greenery by creating an oxygen enriched atmosphere.Royal Grace City Multan Location

Royal Grace City Multan Plot Details

The Royal Grace City Multan is offering residential plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. For those clients who have a minimum of five to six family members, plots of 5 to 7 Marla are best and if you have family members of more than five or seven then it is advisable to buy 10 Marla or 1 Kanal plots.

Here, the commercial sector is in the developing stage and business investors can buy plots of 5, 7, and 10 Marla depending on their requirements. Royal Grace City Multan plots are designed following the modern and western style to give premium level facilities with top facilities and amenities of life.

Living standards in RGCM are extremely high with best smart features to create ease for the residents. The biggest advantage for buyers is the cost-effective payment plan that is cheap and affordable for every class in Pakistan to enjoy the beauty of suburban modern society with unlimited great features.

Royal Grace City payment plan is designed with several affordable options designed by focusing on buyers’ necessities. The plot prices are set according to buyers’ range and clients already approved this housing society best for people in Multan.

Royal Grace City Multan Current Development

The development work in Royal Grace City Multan is rapidly going on and almost 60% of the work has been completed including installation work just started with residential houses construction work is in progress at site. The under process project will be completed soon and clients are actively buying the plots in Royal Grace City Multan.Royal Grace City Multan Current Development Royal Grace City Multan Current Development Royal Grace City Multan Current Development Royal Grace City Multan Current Development Royal Grace City Multan Current Development

Royal Grace City Multan Developers

Zam Zam Real Estate Developers and Builders is a well-known real estate company that offers commercial and property management, building, and construction projects to create innovative housing societies for the people of Pakistan.

Zam Zam Real Estate Developers and Builders always focus to boost their developing process with timely delivery and affordability. They worked on numerous projects including Alfalah Modern, Alfalah Model, Alfalah Defence, Alfalah Dubai, and Zam Zam Kabirwala. Their professional strategies and use of international manufacturing materials bring quality housing projects that are well recognized nationally and internationally.

Royal Grace City Multan Facilities

Royal Grace City Multan is more than a place for a smart home because it is designed with futuristic style infrastructure and buildings are developed by following modern standards to give the best living experience. The wide roads with green belts are just major facilities of RGCM and there are various rewards for buyers that book their plots in the modern housing society of Multan.

The project is providing all those facilities and amenities that can create a convenient living environment with top-class housing structures with fully organized water, gas, and electric systems. There are remarkable facilities that residents of Royal Grace City Multan can use for their daily life routine including academic institutes, health centers, and shopping malls by fulfilling all requirements under one roof.

  • Environmentally Friendly

The green lush parks and sports grounds will be the main theme of this urban housing society. Residents of Royal Grace City Multan can enjoy a clear view of surroundings with no light pollution and perform their daily activities without any noise pollution.

The pollution free environment is best for the health and residents of this housing estate can breathe oxygenated air 24/7.

  • Majestic Entrance

The grand designed entrance gate opens to extensive landscape and gives the best experience for the visitors of this housing complex.

The RGCM welcomes every Pakistani to enjoy the beauty of this smart society that has the best entrance including eye-catching street lights with green belts in every block.

  • Education Zone

The Royal Grace City Multan offers a first-class education center for the young generation of Pakistan to get top-level education in the best schools, colleges, and universities.

There will be a separate section for educational institutes including the best teaching staff and best facilities for the students.

  • Sports Complex

There will be a facility for indoor and outdoor games for relaxing and keeping a healthy body. The residential community can enjoy every game in this society and maintenance of each smooth cut ground will be performed every day.

  • CCTV Monitoring

There is a facility of 24/7 security with advanced CCTV cameras and professional guards at the entrance. Hence, the entire society will be covered with the best security cameras to enhance the safety of the community by creating a completely safe zone.

  • Water/Gas/Electricity Supply

There will be the best reservoir system to keep a 24/7 water supply in the housing society and residents will not face any issues.

Sui gas is also available in the society with secured underground pipelines that will supply non-stop gas in every residential and commercial house.

There will be no electricity shortage and on-site maintenance will be available in the Royal Grace City Multan housing society by creating a reliable power backup system that will be controlled by experienced staff.

  • Gym and Spa

There are some great amenities for the residents of Royal Grace City Multan including a brand new gym and spa that is developed with modern designs to facilitate every member of this community. This society will provide a healthy life for your families and these fitness centers will improve living standards under one roof.

  • Hospitals and Clinics

Royal Grace City Multan will provide the best hospital facilities and top class clinical departments to protect the residents with high standards of health services in an affordable plan. These hospitals will offer experienced doctors and nurses that will use advanced medical tools by following the standard operating procedures.

  • Shopping Centers

The key objective of Royal Grace City Multan developers is to offer one platform for shopping with the availability of all necessary daily life products.

The shopping malls and grocery stores in this society will be designed with state-of-the-art planning by providing wide and spacious parking facilities for residents or visitors.

  • Graveyard

In Royal Grace City Multan, there will be a specific place for a graveyard to bury your loved ones.

This area will be maintained regularly and residents of this society are not required to go outside of the city for burial.

  • Modern Sewerage System

The removal of waste disposal and best drainage system facilities are highly advanced with modern sewage systems for residential and commercial areas.

Royal Grace City Multan Features

The Royal Grace City Multan provides best features and amenities for the buyers including:

  • Carpeted roads.
  • Decorated lights.
  • Theme parks for kids and families.
  • 24/7 mobile patrols.
  • Secured boundary walls.
  • Pure water systems.
  • Community events for families.
  • Footpaths and pedestrian crossings.
  • Underground electric cables.
  • Modern latest architecture.
  • Shopping malls with national and international brands.
  • Smart sanitation system.

Royal Grace City Multan Booking

The Royal Grace City Multan is MDA approved housing society and is ideal for purchasing residential plots without facing any difficulty in a cost-friendly package. This place offers the best installment plan with simple requirements for the clients that are searching for the perfect suburban-style society in Multan, Pakistan. You can purchase the property now because the booking process for residential plots has already started in Royal Grace City Multan. Contact the expert team of Wall Real Estate to book your plot now!


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