RDA Approved Housing Schemes

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Before investing in any real estate development, it is necessary to check its legal status. Across Pakistan, many housing schemes offer attractive living and investment opportunities. However, Rawalpindi is among the most important investment hubs where the real estate sector is gaining a boom. There are many top-notch housing schemes in Rawalpindi where properties for sale are available at attractive rates. These societies are planned excellently, offering incredible facilities, and promising future returns.

Before investing in any housing society, you need to check the various factors such as the developers, location, layout plan, development status, area, and more. Along with these aspects, looking into the legal status of the housing scheme is the most important.

RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) is an organization that crackdown on illegal housing schemes in Rawalpindi. Also, RDA issues the approval notice to the legal societies. If you are going to invest in any real estate project in Rawalpindi, make sure that it is RDA approved to avoid any scam or fraud in the future. Here is the list of RDA Approved Housing Schemes!

No Society  Location  Land Area
1 Airport Green Garden (Revised & Extension) Bajnial, Rawalpindi 4083.6 Kanals
2 Al Haram City Chakri Road, Rawalpindi 330.92 Kanals
3 Bahria Town Phase-VIII Mouza Gali, Rawalpindi 11545 Kanals
4 Banker City Nukriali, Adyala, Rawalpindi 212.99 Kanals
5 Capital Smart City M2 Motorway 17602 Kanals
6 Elite Reverie Housing Scheme (Eighteen) 4839 Kanal
7 Faisal Town Close to CMH Rawalpindi 4735.90 Kanals
8 Gandhara City Near M1 Motorway, Rawalpindi 772.06 Kanals
9 Kohistan Enclave Peshawar-Rawalpindi Road 599 Kanals
10 Multi Gardens Sector B-17 adject to Taxila 16000 Kanals
11 Pakistan Govt. Employees Housing Scheme Jonial, Rawat Road, Rawalpindi 330.92 Kanals
12 PIA Officers Cooperative Housing Society Adyala, Rawalpindi 1212 Kanals
13 Qurtaba City Motorway Chakri Interchange 7148 Kanals
14 Safari Valley  Adyala Road, Rawalpindi 4313 Kanals
15 Taj Residencia (Extension) Adjacent to CDA Sector I-14 &, I-15, Rawalpindi 1907 Kanal
16 Top City Kashmir Highway, Street 16, Rawalpindi 9681 Kanal
17 Khudadad City Pind Nasrala, Rawalpindi 1350.45 Kanals
18 Garden Villas Dhagal Merged in DHA
19 Safari Enclave II (Sub-Divison) Adyala Road, Rawalpindi 98 Kanals
20 Faisal Hills Grand Trunk (GT) Road N-5, Taxila region, Rawalpindi 11823 Kanals
21 Faisal Margalla City Located between MPCHS Sectors A, C, E, G 3671.41 Kanals
22 Commoners Sky Garden Muree Expressway 10,000 Kanals
23 Marble Arch Enclave Girja Road, Rawalpindi 1278.5 Kanals
24 Safari Valley Bahria Town, Phase 8, Rawalpindi 6181.08 Kanals
25 Rehber Colony Mouza Ranyal, Hayal Rnyal & Hayal Dhamyal Chakri Road 175.04 Kanals
26 Al-Khan Enclave Adyala Road, Rawalpindi 102 kanal 16 marla
27 Faisal Hills-II Grand Trunk Rd, Taxila, Rawalpindi 7300 Kanal

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