CDA Approved Housing Societies

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CDA (Capital Development Authority) is a municipal organization that is working in Islamabad to provide town and maniple services to the residents. Furthermore, CDA is responsible to check and approve the legal housing schemes and take action against the illegal or unapproved projects. According to CDA Ordinance 1960 and the building resolution, no construction or development can be done in Islamabad without the permission of CDA.

Before investing in any project, you need to conduct remarkable research about its legality to avoid future problems. This is an essential aspect to consider before buying a plot in any housing scheme of Islamabad. Capital Development authority gives proper directions and guidelines to the investors so that they can safely invest in futuristic and legal housing societies. After observing the development activities, area, and other aspects, the organization has released the names of legal housing societies in Islamabad that are safe to live and invest in.

Checking the list of CDA approved housing societies in Islamabad is important as many unauthorized schemes are also developed. CDA is taking serious action against such housing projects. You may be thinking about the legal housing societies in Islamabad that are approved by CDA. Here is the list of CDA approved housing schemes that offer the safest investment options.

No Society Name Location  CDA Approval Date Land Area
1 Al Haram Avenue Lehtar Road, Zone V Islamabad 15-03-2008 1074 Kanals
2 Al Makkah City Mehfooz Shaheed Road, Zone V Islamabad 15-12-2020 408.43 Kanals
3 Bahria Enclave Phase-I Near Kashmir Highway, Zone IV Islamabad 29-12-2020 12543.11 Kanals
4 Bahria Enclave 2 Agro Farm Housing Scheme Angoori Road near Murree Expressway, Zone 4 Islamabad 06-10-2019 2489.38 Kanals
5 Bahria Enclave II Phase II Housing Scheme Murree Expressway E-75, Zone IV 01-10-2014 1180.04 Kanals
6 Bahria Garden City Islamabad GT Road, Zone V Islamabad 17-10-2011 2992 Kanals
7 Bahria Town (Phase-III-E & IV) Morgah Khota Kalan of Pak PWD Road, Zone v Islamabad  08-12-2010 2099 Kanals
8 Bahria Town, Phase-II,III,V & VI Morgah Khota Kalan of Pak PWD Road, Zone v Islamabad 05-07-2001 2501 Kanals
9 Bahria Town, Phase VII Mouza Kotha Kalan Off GT Road (near Soan Adda) 22-09-2005 761 Kanals
10 Bahria Town (Phase-VII-E) Mouza Khota Kalan, Humak of GT Road (Near Soan Bus Stand) 20-03-2015 711 Kanals
11 Capital Enclave Islamabad Islamabad Highway, Zone 5 Islamabad
771.51 Kanals
12 CBR Town Mouza Lohi Bher Off Soan Garden Road, Islamabad Highway 28-05-2009 1093 Kanals
13 FIA Park Enclave Housing Scheme Malot Road, Zone IV Islamabad 25-11-2016 401.97 Kanals
14 Grace Valley T-CHOWK, MAIN, G.T. Rd, Rawat, Islamabad Capital Territory 22-07-2021 436 Kanals
15 Gulberg Greenz Farm Housing Scheme Gulberg Expy, Gulberg Greens Block A Gulberg Greens, Islamabad 26-06-2020 18660.84 Kanals
16 Gulberg Residencia (IBECHS Ph-III) Housing Scheme Mouza Darwala,Khatreel and Sher Dhamyal, Darwala Road, Zone V Islamabad 01-06-2020. 19,390.36 Kanals
17 Islamabad Model Town Near Rawal Chowk, Zone IV Islamabad 30-10-2019 423 Kanals
18 Margalla View Housing Scheme Sector D-17, Zone II Islamabad 01-01-2021 1912.02 Kanals
19 Multi Gardens Phase I Sector B-17 Islamabad 30-01-2008 7673 Kanals
20 Multi Gardens Phase II Sector B-18 Islamabad 16-09-2010 4480 Kanals
21 Naval Anchorage Mouza Sihala Khurd and Gangota Off Islamabad Highway, Japan Road 28-05-2020 3702.70 Kanals
22 OPF Housing Scheme Mouza Ladhyot, Herdogehr, Pind Malkan, Japan Road, Islamabad 08-10-2011 4683 Kanals
23 Paradise City Sector F-16, F-17 & G-17, Islamabad 06-01-2021 1900 Kanals
24 Rehman Enclave Housing Scheme Burma Stop، Lehtrar Rd, Taramri, Islamabad, 31-12-2019 690 Kanals
25 River Garden Alongside Sawan River near Islamabad Expressway 02-04-2020 1079.17 Kanals
26 Zaraj Housing Scheme Sector F-17 Islamabad 30-01-2008 2751 Kanals

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