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Marble Arch Enclave is a new housing scheme in Islamabad. Located 2 KM away from Thalian Interchange, this project is established at the border of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Hence, it is offering the best investment and living opportunities to the inhabitants of both cities. Marble Arch Enclave NOC has been issued by RDA at almost 1278.5 Kanal land. This is a state-of-the-art housing scheme by —-. However, it is planned innovatively by professional minds. Here, you will enjoy a significant lifestyle full of comforts and conveniences. All the basic and advanced amenities of life will be made part of this gated community. Marble Arch Enclave housing scheme will have a sustainable living environment. This is a masterpiece in Islamabad real estate. Destined to provide an exceptional lifestyle, the project has so much to offer.


Marble Arch Enclave location is very ideal to live and invest. The modern investors are showing great interest in this project at the initial stage. Also, this is among the few RDA approved housing schemes that have gained NOC at the pre-launch phase. Because of this, Marble Arch has become the most sought-after real estate project. The living, as well as investment perspective, is high here. The management has planned to develop this society of international standards. Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad is offering both commercial and residential properties. Here, you can book 5, 8, 10, 12 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots for sale. Moreover, 5, 8, and 10 Marla commercial plots are also available. Marble Arch Enclave plot prices are highly flexible. You can own property in this society with 3-Year easy installment plan.


Being one of the best housing schemes in Islamabad, Marble Arch offers a contemporary concept of living. The residents will be able to lead a significant life surrounded by modern amenities and facilities. Besides, society has a great investment appeal. Because of its ideal location, world-class development, modern community design and advanced features, this place will give the best value for money. This is a sustainable and long-term investment project. Eco-friendly, secure and comfortable, Marble Arch keeps you close to a vibrant environment. The surroundings of the society are beautiful and peaceful. Hence, this housing scheme is offering incredible investment opportunities both for Pakistani and overseas investors. Better returns are guaranteed to the buyers. However, this community is planned exceptionally to provide you with safe, affordable, and luxurious living at the prime location.

Marble Arch Enclave NOC Approved

Marble arch enclave is among the legal housing schemes of Islamabad. The society gets its NOC (NO Objection Certificate) already from RDA at the pre-launch phase. Hence, the NOC permission is granted over 1278.5 Kanal land. The reference number is RDA/MP&TE/-F-PHS-232/93However, it is a completely secure and legal community to invest in.

After Marble Arch Enclave NOC approval, the value and demand of this society have increased. Marble Arch enclave master plan has also been approved by RDA after that the initial level development has started at the site. Because of its legal status, society has higher chances of quick development and completion on time. Definitely, Marble Arch is a futuristic and safe investment and a residential hub that will lead you towards a bright future.


Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad Project Plan 

Marble Arch Enclave is a top-notch housing project that has a modern approach to planning. Society has already gain NOC from RDA that is the biggest achievement. Hence, it is a new real estate project in Islamabad that offers innovation, luxury, and class.

Marble Arch Enclave location is the most idealistic one. This society is developed on Thalian Interchange near New Islamabad International Airport. However, it is surrounded by the top housing schemes, universities, schools, and many other facilities. A considerable land is specified for parks, open spaces, landscapes, roads, and Main Boulevard. This is an idealistic location both from a living and investment perspective.

Currently, society is in the pre-launch phase. Marble Arch enclave master plan has been launched by the developers. The project plan is smart, sustainable and advanced. Marble Arch is a society that is going to be developed according to international standards. This is a gated community that offers security, luxury, and comforts to its residents. On the other hand, the investment yield is high at this place.

This is a vast housing scheme that has gained permission over 1278.5 Kanal land where the development has started already. According to Marble Arch project plan, the society has two major blocks that are Executive Block and Overseas Block.

The master plan of Marble Arch Islamabad is designed by a team of talented architects. Here, you will find the best investment and residential opportunities. Marble Arch Enclave plots for sale are available in multiple sizes.

You can book residential plots in sizes of 5, 8, 10, 12 Marla and 1 Kanal. Commercial plots are available in sizes of 5, 8 and 10 Marla. Marble Arch payment plan is highly convenient. This consists of 3-Year instalment plan. Marble Arch Enclave homes for sale are also included in the project plan. These are the latest homes that come in multiple blueprints and designs. Other details and payment plan of the homes are not yet announced by the developers.

Currently, the plot prices are highly flexible however they will increase in the coming time. This is the best time to invest in Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad. In the future, property value and demand will definitely increase.

All the roads and streets will be wider. Marble Arch enclave Main Boulevard is 240 Feet wide. Much area is specified for green spaces, parks, and landscapes. The developers aim to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly living environment to people. Also, many features and facilities are planned to made part of the society. The residents of Marble Arch will enjoy the facilities like hospitals, schools, business hubs, commercial markets, shopping malls, parks, sports arenas, playgrounds, mosque, graveyard, and more. This is a top-notch housing scheme that can take your living to a next level.

Marble Arch Enclave Master Plan 

Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad Master Plan Features

  • Well-designed community
  • Executive & Overseas Block
  • Residential & Commercial Plots
  • Green Spaces
  • Sports Arenas
  • Wide and carpeted roads
  • 240 Feet Main Boulevard
  • 40 to 60 Feet Streets
  • World-class Amenities
  • Modern Architecture

Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad Plots for Sale

Marble Arch Enclave is offering a luxurious and facilitated lifestyle to people at highly affordable rates. Also, the investment perspective is high in this society. Up to 20% return on investment is guaranteed. Hence, Marble Arch Enclave plots for sale come in various categories. You can book residential plots as well as commercial plots.

Both the properties offer high investment yields. Marble Ach Enclave Islamabad payment plan consists of 3 years. You can book your plot with a certain amount of down payment. All the properties ensure the best value of money.

Marble Arch Enclave Residential Plots 

This place gives you a chance to build a home in the most modern environment while surrounded by world-class amenities. Marble Arch is a dynamic, smart, and sustainable housing project that ensures premium living. Almost 1719 residential plots are available here in the following sizes!

  • 5 Marla Plots
  • 7 Marla Plots
  • 10 Marla Plots
  • 1 Kanal Plots

Marble Arch Enclave Commercial Plots 

Along with high-end living opportunities, Marble Arch Enclave housing scheme is also offering commercial properties. Investing in commercial plots allows you to gain remarkable benefits in the future. Nearly 130 Commercial plots for sale are available here in the following sizes:

  • 5 Marla Plots
  • 8 Marla Plots
  • 10 Marla Plots

Marble Arch Enclave Homes for Sale 

Marble Arch Enclave is also going to introduce spacious and luxurious homes for sale. These homes are designed innovatively according to new trends. The developers have launched some designs and blueprints of the homes. However, the payment plan and other details are not yet announced. The homes feature backyards, spacious rooms, garages, lounge, and other areas.

Marble Arch Enclave Blocks 

Marble Arch Enclave is a vast housing project spread over almost 1300 Kanal Land. RDA has already issued its NOC after that the initial development work has started at the site. Marble Arch is a futuristic housing project that is offering the best living and investment options both to local investors and overseas Pakistanis. For this, society is divided into two major blocks. These blocks offer residential as well as commercial plots for sale. Here, all the modern amenities and facilities are made part to provide an upscale living to people.

  • Executive Block
  • Overseas Block


Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad Payment Plan 

Marble Arch Enclave is a premium and affordable housing scheme in Islamabad. Here, the best investment and residential options are available at highly flexible rates. The society is offering 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots for sale. On the other hand, 5, 8 and 10 Marla Commercial plots for sale are also available. Marble Arch Enclave payment plan is conveniently designed for potential buyers. However, you can invest in the most ideal and futuristic housing scheme without going out of budget.

You are available with the best opportunity to gain desirable benefits out of your investment. Marble Arch Enclave booking is open at the pre-launch, However, Marble Arch Enclave plot prices are highly affordable. This society is divided into two major Block i.e. Executive Block and Overseas Block. Hence, both the blocks have commercial as well as residential properties.

There are almost 1719 residential plots and 130 commercial plots available. You can book your desirable plot with a certain amount of down payment followed by 3-Year easy installment plan. Because of the pre-launch phase, the plot prices are flexible. However, the prices will definitely increase in the future. This is a great chance to get the desirable outcomes from your investment.

Even at the initial stage, the society is gaining a huge response from investors and buyers because of its ideal location, affordable price plan, world-class development, legal status, and more. On full payment, you will get 10% discount on the total cost thus 5% discount is offered on 50% payment. Here is the detailed Marble Arch Enclave payment plan containing all the details.

Marble Arch Enclave Residential Plots Payment Plan 


Marble Arch Enclave Commercial Plots Payment Plan 


Terms and Conditions

  • The prices are subjected to change without a prior notice
  • 10% Discount on full payment
  • 5% Discount on half payment
  • All instalments must be paid at 10 of every month
  • Plot number will be allocated after 50% payment
  • Development charges are included in the payment plan

Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad Development Status 

According to Marble Arch Enclave development update, the construction work at the initial level has started. This is among those RDA approved housing societies in Islamabad that get NOC at the pre-launch phase. Hence, its master plan has also been approved. Without wasting any time, the developers have started the construction and road development work at the site.

All the machinery and equipment are already launched at the site. AT the first stage, the land digging and road leveling work is going on. All the development work is going on according to RDA rules and regulations. Soon, the work will expand to a larger level. Like previous projects, the developers aim to deliver this project on time without delay.

Marble Arch Enclave plot prices are reasonable at the current time because it is an under-development scheme. However, the prices will encounter a rise soon offering you the best returns of money. Here is the picture presentation of Marble Arch Enclave development.


Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad Location Map

Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad enjoys the most strategic location of Islamabad. This project is centrally located on Girja Road, 2 KM away from Thalian Interchange. New Islamabad International Airport is also just a few minutes’ drives away from this society. Marble Arch Enclave location is the most idealistic and futuristic. This is a developing area of Islamabad that has direct access from GT Road and other highways. Marble Arch is strategically located at the border of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. However, people from both cities can easily reach this society.

Location is the most important factor to consider when it comes to real estate investment. You need to choose a project that enjoys the best connectivity. Marble Arch Enclave location fulfils all the requirements of the best location to live and invest in.

This region is emerging as the hub of many influential developments of real estate including residential and commercial. Many top-class housing projects are established here while many are still going on. The financial standings of the property at this location are very high while making it the most valuable region.

Buying a place here is a matter of probability in terms of its location. Marble Arch Enclave surrounding landmarks include University town Islamabad, Eighteen Islamabad, Capital Smart City, Airport Green Garden, Al-Haram City, and Blue World City. There are also many other nearby attractions such as Rawalpindi railway station, Saddar, Katarian, CPEC Route, Fatima Jinnah University, and more. However, society enjoys the best accessibility and connectivity to all the major parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad Developers 

Marble Arch Enclave developers are Aryan land linkers & developers. This is one of the most trusted and recognized names in Pakistan real estate. They work with commitment, excellence, and professionalism. Before Marble Arch, the developers have established many top real estate developments in Islamabad. Among them, the most famous projects are Airport Green Garden, Skyline project, Zahra Heights Islamabad, Monal Maquee, and more. Hence, Aryan land linkers and developers have proven excellence in housing schemes development, building construction, pavement construction, infrastructural construction, and more.

Through Marble Arch, the developers aim to deliver a world-class and affordable housing project to people. This is among the modern and top-notch development in Islamabad that is planned according to the latest trends. Here, all the basic and advanced amenities of life will be available to the residents. The society is exclusively planned to provide an upscale living experience to people.

Like the previous projects of Aryan developers, this housing scheme is also gaining huge responses from potential buyers. Marble Arch Enclave is going to be the top housing scheme in Islamabad featuring the best properties. Here, you can book residential as well as commercial plots. With the philosophy of trustworthiness, thoughtfulness, and excellence, Marble Arch is planned to be developed excellently. International real estate concepts and urbanized development ideas are applied everywhere.

The group of professionals and experts are working with great concentration and sincerity to provide the best place you want to have for your life. Ideal existence is assured with the best development of this place. The modern luxury living experience is available to those who want to live in a new way. This place is considered one of the best living spaces where class and quality are combined in the best manner. From all the perspectives, Marble Arch is a top-notch development.

Why Invest in Marble Arch Enclave Islamabad?

Marble Arch Enclave housing society is a dream destination. This place has a significant appeal for investors. Also, the residential perspective is bright here. Located in the popular area of Islamabad, the society has so much to offer you. Buying property in Marble Arch is a matter of huge benefits. The following reasons make Marble Arch Enclave the best housing scheme in Islamabad.

  • RDA Approved
  • Sought-after location of Thalian Interchange near New Islamabad International Airport
  • Direct access from GT Road, M-2 and M-1 Motorway
  • Natural and peaceful surroundings
  • Connected to CPEC route
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable environment
  • Abundance of modern amenities
  • Safe investment hub
  • Up to 20% investment returns
  • Affordable payment plan

Marble Arch Enclave Map


Marble Arch Enclave Access Points 

  • 3 Minutes away from Link Road
  • 2 KM away from Thalian Interchange
  • 5 Minutes away from Aiport Avenue
  • Easily accessible from M-2 and M-1 Motorway
  • Accessible from Rawalpindi-Kohat Road

Marble Arch Enclave Facilities & Features

Marble Arch Enclave housing scheme Islamabad is a top-notch development that is offering an incredible living environment. This is a new housing society that is planned exclusively by professional architects and engineers. Surrounded by a lush green environment and many other attractions, this place has a great appeal to modern investors.

The developers aim to take your living to the next level by providing world-class amenities to the residents. Marble Arch Enclave facilities ensure a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Hence, this place is well-equipped for basic to advanced amenities of life. Marble Arch Enclave is a project with a unique approach and high standings in real estate.


You will find this place an embodiment of your dreams about an ideal and sophisticated living. It is the finest living place that enjoys a great location, affordability, connectivity, and all the world-class amenities. This place warmly welcomes you to a new and elevated sort of lifestyle which is both your need and desire. You will find a true sense of peace and exclusivity while surrounded by the best environment and facilities of life.

There are many reasons to choose this place as your living asset. With high-end development plan, landscapes, facilities, and beneficial neighborhood, it is an ideal community to live in. Life begins in new and remarkable ways here. Marble Arch Enclave facilities are as follows!

  • 24/7 High Alert Security
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Gated Community
  • 240 Feet Main Boulevard
  • 40 to 60 Feet Streets
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Green Belts
  • Parks & Landscapes
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Mosques
  • Schools
  • Commercial Markets
  • Electricity Backup
  • Water Filtration Plant
  • Sui Gas
  • Sports Area
  • Community Centre
  • Shopping Mall
  • Street Lights
  • Graveyard
  • Advanced Sewerage
  • Cinema
  • Restaurants
  • Theme Park


How to Book Plot in Marble Arch Enclave?

Marble Arch Enclave booking procedure is simple. Contact the expert team of Wall Real Estate to book your plot in Marble Arch Enclave. For booking, please submit a down payment along with a copy of CNIC and passport size picture. Currently, booking in Marble Arch is open however limited plots are available. Contact us now!

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