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Capital Smart City Islamabad is the first smart city in Pakistan. Located on Lahore Islamabad Motorway M-2, this is one of the top housing schemes. This is a RDA Approved society that is planned smartly where innovative features and facilities are available. Here, you can enjoy safe, affordable, and luxury living. Also, society has great investment appeal. Modern investors and buyers are showing great interest in this scheme. Capital Smart City provides an eco-friendly, sustainable and up-to-the-mark living.

With the world-class infrastructure, smart features and high-end development, this society has a significant value. However, society is attracting investors from all over the world. Capital Smart City housing scheme is offering residential as well as commercial plots in multiple sizes. You can book plot in capital smart city with easy down payment followed by flexible installments. Hence, this is a vast housing project divided into various blocks.

Capital Smart City Islamabad offers unique and new living trends. This is the biggest real estate development that aims to provide smart, eco-friendly and facilitated lifestyle to people. However, CSCI is considered the most successful and sought-after project in Pakistan. Also, it has become an international real estate attraction. The society is ideal from a living and investment point of view. CSCI is planned over exclusive development ideas that are highly influential. Hence, the international planners and architects have designed its master plan. All the modern technologies, features and facilities are introduced here.

Newly launched project of LSC Islamabad:

One Capital Residencies Islamabad

Capital Smart City location is ideal for living and investment. Anyone can easily access this place. The developers of this society have planned everything exceptionally. From the infrastructure to features, project plan from facilities, all the things are great. Moreover, Capital Smart City payment plan is highly convenient. Society allows you to gain a high-standard and smart living with affordability. Capital smart city investment perspective is also high. The value of properties here is consistently increasing from its launching till now. However, the prices will definitely increase more in the coming time. Definitely, this housing scheme is an ideal choice to buy property for desirable investment profits. Also, you can enjoy a safe and exclusive living in the midst of comforts.

Capital Smart City housing society Islamabad has everything that you dreamt of. This place is innovatively designed to upgrade the living standards of people. Also, the society aims to promote a healthy, smart, and sustainable living environment well-equipped with modern amenities. Hence, the smart city concept gets a lot of appreciation and positive responses. Investing in this place is highly profitable from all perspectives.

Here, the top-notch smart features and facilities allow you to experience a completely new way of living full of comforts and conveniences. The development work in the society is also going on at a fast pace. Because of the smart features, trusted developers, world-class infrastructure, and affordable payment plan, Capital Smart City is the best housing scheme to live and invest in.  Let’s discuss Capital Smart City details, the latest update, and everything else!

Capital Smart City Islamabad NOC 

Capital Smart City NOC has been issued by RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). This is among the legal housing schemes in Islamabad that offer safe living and investment opportunities. Society gets its NOC in a short time. Capital Smart City RDA approval was issued in 2017 over a considerable land. However, the NOC status is upgrading continuously after gaining more permissions. After the NOC approval, the development work has started and going on at a fast pace.

All the construction and development work is going on according to the regulations set by RDA and other concerned authorities. Hence, this place is the safest investment hub ensuring desirable future returns. You can also go through the list of RDA Approved housing schemes to check the legal status of this society. In July 2021, Capital Smart City has gained NOC for extended 17,602 Kanal land along with the planning and development permission. Now, the total approved land is 25,000 Kanals that will be extended more.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Master Plan 

Capital Smart City master plan is designed by Surbana Jurong that is a Singapore-based company. This is a vast housing project spread over almost 55,000 Kanal Land. Hence, the master plan is planned to be expanded over 100,000 Kanals. Society is divided into several blocks and sectors offering incredible investment and living options. However, this project is planned to feature smart amenities and facilities in every sector. Throughout the project planning, international development trends are kept in view. Hence, this project is planned innovatively to provide an upscale living experience to people.

Capital Smart City has already gotten its NOC approval from RDA. The mast plan of Capital Smart City has a significant focus on the development of world-class features along with smart infrastructural development, smart road networks, public transport and more. Moreover, the central boulevard is wide and extensive. Also, considerable land is specified for the development of natural facilities and landscapes.

This place is going to offer an upscale living full of luxuries and comforts. Hence, the smart city master plan includes an abundance of many residential options such as residential plots, farmhouses, villas, high density, and more. However, this place is attracting not only local but also foreign investors. Capital Smart City Islamabad payment plan is highly convenient and flexible. The future residents, overseas investors, and local investors can be a part of this place with easy monthly installments, convenient booking procedures, quick plot allotment and more.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Properties for Sale 

The project is offering incredible opportunities for everyone. Here, you can book the following properties for dream living and desirable investment returns in the future.

  • Capital Smart City Residential Plots for Sale
  • Capital Smart City Commercial Plots for Sale
  • Capital Smart City Villas for Sale
  • High-Density Homes
  • Medium Density Homes
  • Shared Villas

Capital Smart City Islamabad Total Area 

CSCI is the biggest smart city in Pakistan spread over a large area. Initially, the society was spread over 55,000 Kanal land however the master plan has been extended recently by the developers. Now, the society will consist of 100,000 Kanal land featuring many world-class amenities and features.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Blocks 

Being the vast smart housing project, Capital Smart City is divided into many blocks. However, each block of this project is developed with the vision to provide contemporary facilities and amenities to ensure an exceptional living style. Also, each part of this place has high investment yields and ensures the best returns in the future.

Capital Smart City Executive Blocks 

This is among the most famous and well-planned Capital smart city blocks. From this block, the residents can enjoy a view of the Khairi Murat reserve forest. Here, multiple size residential plots, commercial plots, and villas are available for living and investment. Capital smart city homes in Executive block are exclusively designed by keeping in view advanced architectural trends. Moreover, this place will have exclusive amenities including schools, hospitals, high-alert security, linear park, green spaces, jogging tracks, mosques, and everything.

Capital Smart City Overseas Blocks 

As the name indicates, this block is specially designed for overseas investors. Because of exceptional features, ideal location, smart development, and high investment yields, Capital Smart City has become the leading choice of foreign investors. This block has a significant value to boost up the economy. Capital Smart city overseas block plots are available in multiple sizes ensuring high investment returns. Also, this place is ideal for living as many smart features and facilities will be available here. Harmony apartments and smart villas for sale are also there ensuring top-notch living to people. CSCI overseas block is offering many facilities including shopping malls, hospitals, schools, mosques, parks, and much more.

Capital Smart City Overseas Blocks Plot for Sale

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block

Overseas prime block enjoys the most premium location in Smart City Islamabad. From this block, the whole society can be viewed. However, the block is planned exclusively where many world-class features will be available along with top-notch infrastructure. Moreover, the lush green surroundings ensure peaceful living. Overseas as well as local investors can book plots in overseas prime block where multiple properties for sale are available in flexible installments.

Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block Plots

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block

This block is developed especially to offer affordable and futuristic investment options to potential buyers. Hence, the average income people can be a part of Harmony park block without going out of budget. Here, 3.5 Marla plots for sale and villa apartments in multiple sizes are offered by the developers in easy installments. However, this block is located next to Executive Block. Here, all the modern facilities and amenities will be available to the residents hence, the plot prices are low as compared to other blocks in CSCI.

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block Properties

  • 660 SFT Villa Apartments
  • 856 SFT Villa Apartments
  • 5 Marla Residential Plots

Capital Smart City Smart Villas

Capital Smart city villas for sale are carefully planned and designed to offer sustainable, smart, and exclusive living to people. Located ideally in overseas block near Crystal Lake and 18-hole golf course. The residents of smart villas will encounter the best scenic views. Also, the villas will be well-equipped with all smart features and facilities. Capital Smart City smart villas are available both in Executive and Overseas blocks.

Smart Villas Types

CSCI smart villas are offering contemporary living to people with high-functional and innovative features. Smart city villas Islamabad are available in the following types!

  • Contemporary Villas
  • Georgian Villas
  • Mediterranean Villas

Smart Villas Sizes

  • 5 Marla Smart Villas (3 & 4 Beds)
  • 7 Marla Smart Villas (4 Beds)
  • 10 Marla Smart Villas (4 & 5 Beds)
  • 12 Marla Smart Villas (4 & 5 Beds)
  • 1 Kanal Smart Villas (5 & 6 Beds)
  • 2 Kanal Smart Villas (5, 6, & 7 Beds)

Capital Smart City Villas Features

  • CCTV Cameras both Indoor and Outdoor
  • Smart Motion Sensors
  • Remote Access
  • Automated Door Lock
  • Smart Switches to Control Appliances & Lights
  • Humidity & Temperature Sensor
  • Smart Doors & Windows

Capital Smart City Triveless Smart Homes

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Capital Smart City Commercial Plots for Sale

Along with the residential opportunities, Capital smart city is also offering commercial plots that are ideal to gain huge business benefits in the coming time. Capital Smart city commercial plots sizes are as follows!

  • 4 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Capital Smart City Islamabd Payment Plan

Capital Smart city plots and properties are available in a range of sizes. However, you can book residential plots, commercial plots, villas, apartments and much more. The society is specially designed to meet your diverse investment and residential needs. Capital Smart city plot prices are flexible thus ensure high future returns. Besides, the villas and apartments offer incredible living experiences.

Each CSC block offers a convenient installment plan that allows you to become part of this splendid housing scheme that is ideal for living and investment. From its launch to the current time, the boost in value and demand of Capital Smart City is visible not only on the national but also on an international level. Overseas investors are considering investing here a golden opportunity that will give the best value of money. Also, this place ensures a smart lifestyle packed with an abundance of facilities.

Capital Smart City payment plan is designed conveniently by keeping in view the needs and demands of people. However, society ensures high returns on investment in the future. The value of Smart city Islamabad properties is increasing day by day.

Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Payment Plan

Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block Payment Plan

Capital Smart City Villas Payment Plan

Capital Smart Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Capital Smart City Farm House Payment Plan

Capital Smart City Balloting & Possession

According to Capital Smart City latest update, the new balloting dates are announced by the management. They are as follows!

  • Harmony Park block balloting will be held in the first week of May 2022
  • Overseas Prime block balloting will be held in the first week of February 2022
  • Overseas Central block balloting will be held in the first week of February 2022
  • Overseas Central block possessions will start from the last quarter of 2022
  • Executive Block 1 possessions will start from the second quarter of 2022

Capital Smart City Islamabad Location

Capital Smart City enjoys the most strategic location that is ideal from business, investment, and living perspectives. The society is strategically located on M2 Motorway, near New Islamabad International Airport and Thallian Interchange. You can easily access this place from Chakri Road, Ring Road, and M2 Motorway. Society will have its own “Smart interchange” in the future. Hence, this place has huge investment potential and economic opportunities.

Capital Smart City location is falling on CPEC Eastern route that adds more to its value. Moreover, the society is in proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi City Centres. Capital Smart City housing scheme is emerging as a new economic, social, residential, commercial, and recreational hub at the most prime location.

This place enjoys the best connectivity and accessibility from all parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Many top-notch housing schemes are developing in Capital Smart City neighbourhood such as Eighteen Islamabad, Blue World City Islamabad, Al Mairaj Housing Scheme, Qurtaba City, and more. Also, the society is surrounded by lush green landscapes, hills, and scenic views.

Capital Smart City Map

Capital Smart City Development Status

Capital Smart City housing scheme is going beyond the expectations with the fast development and construction in all blocks. The development work is going on at a fast pace to ensure timely delivery of the project. This is not an ordinary housing scheme but a complete vision to promote a smart living concept in Pakistan.

After the development completion, this place will be a new financial, economic and residential hub with sustainable features and facilities. However, CSCI is bringing a unique form of living both for local and overseas investors. The fast development status is catching the attention of buyers even more. However, the growth rate in Capital Smart City is high. Considerable work on roads and many other areas have been done. See the below pictures for Capital Smart City development update!

Capital Smart City Islamabad Disctrict

Like many blocks, CSCI has various districts offering so much. As we know that this housing scheme is developed on a new vision that is offering many financial, recreational, natural, and exclusive amenities. Here, you will encounter incredible features from basic to advance. Each sector is specially designed to exceed your expectations.

Financial Square

This will be the biggest financial hub where many trade and business opportunities will be available. Here, CPEC Tower and Qatar business centers will play a significant role in boosting the economy. Also, this district will feature 4-star hotel, Mega Mall, Apartments, plazas, parks, mosques, and more.

Educational District

This place will be dedicated to provide incredible educational facilities to people. CSCI education district will have schools, museum, university, library, playgrounds, and much more. However, you can give your children the most advanced education.

Healthcare District

In a healthcare district, there will be many advanced healthcare facilities will be available. Many top-notch hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other research centers will be made part of this district to provide the best medical aid to patients.

Lake View Terrace

Lake View Terrace is a sought-after destination in Smart City Islamabad. Located on the waterfront, this district gives you a chance to encounter mesmerizing nature views. However, this distract will offer many recreational and social facilities such as spa, floating restaurant, Yacht club, community club, lakeside walk and so much more. Apartments and villas will also be available here.

Capital Hills

Capital hills district is a scenic and peaceful part of CSC. Along with many residential options such as villas and apartments, this district will feature 18-hole golf course, banquet hall, mosque, clinics, schools, hospital, souk, landscapes, and more.

Cultural Heritage District

CSC cultural heritage district will be a major tourist attraction where many cultural features and amenities will be introduced. However, the cultural ambiance will attract many visitors to spend quality time. This district will host model village, residential spaces, food area, mosque, parks, and everything.

Sports District

The sports region is a huge attraction as this place will offer many sport and entertainment amenities. Many vast sports stadiums and venues will be there to host the best tournaments. Also, the district will have a sports academy, cricket stadium, indoor arena, Olympic stadium, race tracks, amusement parks, and much more.

The Terraces

Capital Smart City allows you to spend leisure time at The Terraces where many entertainment amenities are available. Close to Capital Hills, this sector will offer many retail outlets, food courts, parks, gallery, Palladian residences, coffee shops, parks, restaurants, etc.

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is another important part of Capital Smart City where fashion, food, nature, and entertainment are combined. Here, 4-star hotel, Silicon Valley, IT tower, apartments, dancing fountain, lake walks, mosque, retail outlets and everything will be available.

Aviation District

Located close to New Islamabad International Airport, the aviation district will introduce many programs. This district will be a home of an aviation school, expo center, airline services, aeronautical gallery, technology park, mosque, landscapes and so much more.

Panda District

Panda District will host the Pakistan’s first-ever Chinese themed grand mall. Here, more than 2000 retailers can start business. Moreover, this place will be the biggest trade point for Chinese goods. Many warehouses, retail shops, truck areas, apartments, community club, and green spaces will be part of this sector.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Developers

Capital Smart City is developed by Habib Rafique (Pvt.) Ltd. and Future Development Authority.  HRL is the most trusted and successful real estate developer in Pakistan. After the success of Capital Smart City, the developers have also launched Lahore Smart City on Lahore-Bypass. Before this, they have also delivered many successful projects including Bahria Town, DHA, and more. Also, they have introduced their own housing schemes named Royal Orchard Sargodha, Royal Orchard Sahiwal, and Royal Orchard Multan.

On the other hand, FDH is also a remarkable name in Pakistan real estate. These developers are famous for their professionalism and unique vision regarding housing schemes in Pakistan. Moreover, they always come up with state-of-the-art infrastructure planning, urbanization, and modern architecture. We encounter the same in Capital Smart City that is the epitome of innovation, luxury, and sustainability.

Both FHD and HRL have significant contributions in the infrastructure, construction, and development industries. However, they both joined their ideas and efforts to deliver the biggest, successful, and very first smart housing project in Islamabad that is opening new doors of economic, investment, and living opportunities.

Capital Smart City Facilities & Features

The society is going to offer a unique and world-class living experience to its residents. Capital Smart City housing scheme Islamabad is designed with innovation where many smart features are introduced. Here, advanced technologies are applied everywhere to promote a smart living environment full of luxuries and comforts. The residents of this society will encounter the following amenities and facilities!

  • Smart Security System
  • World-Class Infrastructure
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Wide Carpeted Roads
  • Metro Bus
  • Underground Electricity
  • Advanced Sewerage
  • Water Filtration Plant
  • Lakes, Parks & Landscapes
  • Mosques
  • Playgrounds
  • Community Centres
  • Golf Course
  • Shopping Arenas
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Schools & Hospitals
  • Smart and Contemporary Villas
  • Sports Facilities
  • Recreational Spaces
  • Financial Square
  • Theme Parks

Capital Smart City Booking

Capital Smart City is opening a new era of smart and sustainable living. For Capital smart city details and booking, contact the expert team of Wall Real Estate now!


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